Developers not sticking to their words

(Slipping Flames) #22

Agree. I’ve played a ton and seen exactly one in that time.

(GreatWhiteShark) #23

I know I’m just a Gold/Onyx type of player so my opinion doesn’t carry much weight but for what it’s worth, I think TC should give the BMI to the 20 players who got full house D5s, that alone is impressive… Better than any diamond skins imo. At least that’s what I would want if I were good enough with the time to grind lol. 20 people out of 50,000 is still miniscule. Give it to them and try not to get people’s hopes up too high in your future streams. :wink:

(GnashinPumpkinz) #24

yeah i remember, i mean cmon, 20 people. do some fanservice, these guys put some serious work into your game, overcoming not only other players but the game’s flaws

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Everyone needs to spam this

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I really appreciate all of your replies. I seriously doubt they’ll give these threads any attention.

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There’s no need to spam this. This thread is at the top of latest activity and I’m certain TC reads this. Whether they will have a response for this or not is beyond our hands. Give it until the next What’s Up update to see what they would do (or not do). Best of luck! I’d be jelly if I ever saw a BMI in versus, but that hasn’t happened for me yet.

(hades2325) #28

Is 20 people too much? Then, what’s the whole versus player base? 100 people?


When I heard about this, I felt disappointed and upset for the players who grinded for countless hours to attain their rank. That is no easy feat.

The Coalition believes that 20 BMI skins are a lot to give away. Compared to the total number of players in the Gears Community. 20 BMI skins is not even 1%.

Seriously TC?! It’s only a skin! A simply color alteration to a basic character with a glow effect (so revolutionary). It does not affect gameplay whatsoever. Stop treating it like it is a god, and give the skin to those who DESERVE it.

(xxxGAUNTLETxxx) #30

Congrats Bro! You deserve it!

(Embry Starred) #31

This probably is going to kill my argument but I am one of the Easter egg blood moon imago winners (fuel depot founder) and I agree and disagree on the one hand everyone who is diamond 5 (roughly in the 20s) seems like a low number but in reality the imago is getting somewhat getting saturated and the entire point of it was for charity and community, it even says charity on the card. Personally I have tried to use my imago for good and help other content creators out (that I trust) and build relationships in the gears community. People just want it just to have it which I get but let’s look at how many people have it now

Fuel depot: 10
Raging buccaneer:2
Arealgun: 2
Senior forum moderators: 3 or 4?
Dm5 full house (world first): 1
Cryptic ashes a for achievements I guess: 1

So that’s about 36 in the wild that number keeps going up and up and making the character less valuable as more people get it.

Again my opinion probably means crap as someone who has ot but bringing it up to 56 some people would be a little much.

(Relax Mxte) #32

I don’t even be the character so it’s kind of wasted on me. I personally wouldn’t mind if others got it because it’ll mean more to them than it does to me.

I wouldn’t mind if they gave it out for being first to get D5 each season, in reality that means like maybe another 3 people get it

(Embry Starred) #33

That seems like the best course in all honesty it be a fun race and it would not drive people up the wall like it is doing now. Like I said before its literal inception was based off of charity and community so to see people yelling at TC or not getting it seem to of missed the point of the character.

(Relax Mxte) #34

Yeah it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for the ‘community’ part. Understandable why they’d be upset but some are taking it a little far with their outbursts. When I did it I just did it for the sake of being first to do the task. I questioned if I could get it but I already had a lot of progress done towards it before it was announced.

Still if I got told I couldn’t get it when I done it I wouldn’t be reacting like this to the news. Just a shame to see it lead to such a disdain towards the developers

(Embry Starred) #35

The problem was (Dana disclosed this on livestream mind you) he made the challenges out of impulse on stream which leads to a slippery slope like we see now, Dana honestly had the best intentions with everyone involved in the full house debacle and for cryptic ashes imago and it’s a shame its blowing up in his face when he just wanted to see the community have fun and have a sense of teamwork and challenge to get it. But this is why these things should be officially planned and printed because things can change at any minute unless verified and posted officially. When you take word as gospel like that you will be disappointed. I feel next time the imago rolls around the challenge should clearly be stated in black and white on what’s up and not on live stream because it has caused nothing but trouble.

(RS Indigo) #36

I’ve come to realize they cannot stick to their word. Until they sort their ____ out, i’ve got little reason to play. No sense of progression and any sense of progression is stunted by ‘Oh, but we changed our plans’.

Not pleased.

(GhostofDelta2) #37

Agreed. Having a clear challenge set out would have been better, because now people feel like they have been strung along and been given nothing, while someone else got the reward they were being teased with despite it not even being on offer (nothing against Crpytic btw).

I believe Dana did have the best intentions, but surely TC need to do something for their hardcore fans that put in the time and effort into getting Diamond 5 in all modes.

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This thread is why i stopped caring about gears and just play incon horde for fun.


I still think it’s ridiculous that they gave them out to the easter egg hunters…I know you are one of them but still…only the charity people should’ve received them IMO…only 10-15 should exist if your numbers are correct…I know of two horde players that are maxed out 100 and what did they get? Nothing at all…I don’t care if they did speedruns only or played 20 hours everyday not doing speedruns, give them something special…Also, what is that Cryptic Ashes achievement?

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Have you experienced their lootbox RNG…? Yes that is too high. Lol.
Somewhat serious.

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I agree, it is a slap in the face to those who got D5