Developers not sticking to their words

Last nights stream they talked about what the results were for Season 3 Full House Diamond 5’s. To many of us, we we’re extremely let down to hear that they found over 20 people to achieve this and they were only going to give it out if it was under 10 people. This number however differs greatly from the previous live stream. Please refer to:

At the 48:55 mark they begin talking about the Full House Diamond 5’s for season 3 and go on to explain that “If there was something like 150 people did it (Full house D5), we wouldn’t give it out.” How can you guys just change your mind on the fly like this and basically slap all of us in the face for working so hard?

Last nights live stream and earlier yesterday there was a post mentioning how they were only looking for 10 players or less to get full house. Since there were more than 20, they are putting the BMI “back in the vault”. I just can’t believe they would do this to their fans and hardcore players.

Additionally, I asked in the stream (somewhat spammed) with regards to Season 4 World First Full House Diamond 5’s. Even more to my dismay, my question was answered: “There is going to be nothing.” … “There will be the reward of a job well done.” Well I now know I wasted a lot of time grinding out my D5’s trying to be first in the world only to find out there is nothing being given out. Along with this, I tweeted and posted here in the forums just asking for verification on being worlds first. I haven’t heard anything. Not only am I getting nothing for it, I don’t even get recognition or confirmation. The stream is below, please refer to time 27:05

If this is set in stone, they have killed all motivation for me to play the game. Sorry to sound like a little kid here, but I was waiting week after week to hear about it only to be completely let down. I will no longer be participating in any Gears, I just wanted to voice my thoughts and hear what you guys think.


I think you should be rewarded.

Personally, I am a high onyx 3 player in both koth and escalation. I know the skill it must take to achieve D5 across all modes. Congrats man.

On another note, I have played at least one match probably every day since I bought an Xbox one last Christmas and I have never seen a blood moon imago.

Suppose there are 20,000 active players. If they gave blood moons to season 3 d5 fulls, that’d be roughly 20 Imagos. Add that to the what, 20-30
Imagos given out for Easter eggs and such.
We are left with 50 players having blood moons out of 20,000 which is about .0025% of the player base. If that’s too high for TC, that seems a bit ridiculous…

But so is replacing a hardened and decorated war soldier who can bench press a car fresh out of jail with revenge on his mind who slays better after taking bullets “now I’m pissed” … with someone who loves butterflies as the face of the franchise. Sorry I digress but I’m still trying to get over it and am still salty about Kait replacing Marcus as the face of gears OF WAR.


I couldn’t agree more man, thanks for the reply.


@anon86589457 @TC_Octus


On another note, I have played at least one match probably every day since I bought an Xbox one last Christmas and I have never seen a blood moon imago.

Good and it should stay that way although I don’t agree giving them out for some lame easter eggs…should’ve been only a few from that charity/raffle event they had

I disagree, in fact my belief is that the imago shouldn’t have given out apart from the charity raffle winners.
The more people have it, in my eyes it becomes less special. Plus I don’t want to see more than 50 people have it.

I’m happy the first top 5 have it, but 20 is too much.

Instead if they not giving blood moon out just give them 100k credits as a reward and couple of esports packs.

As another person who got all diamond fives i completely agree. Im putting gears on the shelf as a hardcore gears fan with over 150 days played i will not purchase gears of war five unless issues like these are addressed. The pro scene is dead and they only care to reward those who brown nose them or play horde. I put over 200 hours into the d5 grind and i feel swindled.


I’m not a diamond, but even I thought that was stupid. The twenty whatever people deserved to get it.

Arbitrarily changing the minimum number on a whim is ridiculous.

Like you said, a total slap in the face.


I agree with you about the brown nosing, but TC have done nothing but shaft Horde players from day one.

Any serious Horde player would agree. Hammer is useless now (too expensive), blood drive spawns are a mess, turrets are weaker, a myriad of bugs that have never been addressed , some since day one (unless they assisted in finishing Horde matches faster of course).

Let’s not start the versus vs Horde debate. Horde has seen far less attention (read: positive attention) than versus for the lifetime of Gears 4.


They could of gave out some d5 only skins or something… That does suck that they don’t give anything.


How TF can you feel swindled when you paid $60 (maybe more) and got 150 DAYS of enjoyment…

LOL you people kill me!!

They didn’t give it out to the top 5 players. They’re only giving it to #1. I was #2 :confounded::disappointed:

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Really? I thought they weren’t giving to anyone. Imo they should have just stuck with top 5 with everyone else just getting free esports packs and/or 100k credits, Thats a major bummer. :frowning:

Do you know who got the imago?

Agreed. Yep, I forget his name but I have him on Twitter. He was given the BMI upon hitting all D5’s first.

I think that TC shouldn’t have made promises they can’t keep or set clear criteria as people invest time and then are let down.

I think getting promised in the first place is what makes this the worst …


Did they actually promise this anywhere? I’ve watched the streams and it sounds like they throw ideas around and get a little excited about possibilities, I wouldn’t take anything as completely official until it’s actually been discussed in a post/whats up etc.

I get and understand that you are frustrated after waiting for so long only to find out that too many people made the full stack of D5. One of the things that they also said on many occasions was that they wanted the BMI to be extremely limited and sending out more than 20 of them is a large chunk. I could be mistaken but I believe sending out an additional 20 would be almost doubling the amount that is already out there.

As far as you being the first goes, I think that is a huge accomplishment and I do hope that you are rewarded for being the first in some way even if it isn’t the BMI you were hoping it would be. You aren’t acting like a child by any means expressing this disappointment. I think anybody would understand the feeling of anticipation followed by disappointment. I hope that no matter what happens you’ll get your motivation back and continue to be a part of the Gears community.


It’s a shame to see that you didn’t get rewarded.

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I definitely remeber them saying it was for diamond players and you should “grind” to that rank or something.

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I think these 20 people really deserve the Bloodmoon Imago. They are some of the most dedicated people in the community.
I got a bloodmoon Imago for finding an Easter Egg, but they really grinded their ■■■■■ off.
Hopefully TC change their mind. It’s only 20 people in the whole world, the skin wouldn’t suddenly become common.