Developer Stream Wrong Date

I’m just posting this in the forums since there is no email or tech support phone number on your website.

This week the date given for the Developer Stream was incorrect. On Wednesday I got on live.gearsofwar to see if there were any Fight Nights planned, and saw that the Developer Stream was planned for September 7th. I know that these are usually on Thursdays but since the site said Friday, I did not get on yesterday. So today I logged on to find the chat full of a bunch of angry people who apparently missed their chance at Skins, myself included, because the Developer Stream actually was planned for the usual Thursday.

I don’t know if you guys actually read these posts, but if you do, I would like to suggest that you possibly give the Skins that were available yesterday away next week as additional rewards for the people who missed them because of the incorrect information. Thanks.

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I feel you, but for future reference it would be wise to read the weekly what’s up or visit the Gears twitter page to see whether there is a weekly dev stream on Thursday or its been posponed to Friday.

Either way, I believe @NL_Grexoz did say it was a mistake on his part for setting the wrong date. But at the end of the day its @the-coalition decision to give another opportunity to get this week skin due to the misinformed timing.

Anyway I’ve let grex know about this thread, he probably will get back to you or something here.

Hi there,

I did indeed put the wrong timer up, this was obviously an accident.

Will have to talk to the team about this, no promises as there are many other ways besides the countdown timer to see if a stream goes live. (Twitter, The Forums, Etc.)

Will lock this thread for now and I will come back once I have an update!


Still discussing this with the team, will get back when I have a definitive answer.