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Dev Stream mentioned this! Please like - TC asking for feedback as to whether to add the Gears 4 maps into rotation

During the dev stream today, there was a question about the gears of war 4 maps that are in gears 5, but only as private mode maps. They asked if they could be brought up into the official modes as maps. Octus, or the other guy lol, said that if enough people want them brought up, that they’ll do it. They said enough people wanted execution back so they did it and they’ll do the same for the maps.

7 maps is getting a little repetitive already. I’d love for them to bring up the other maps. For those who dont know, the other maps in gears 5, that are only available in private, are Foundation, harbor, dam, reclaimed and forge blitz.

I get that old maps are also repetitive to some but it will help mix up gears 5 multiplayer atleast until they add more maps.

It would be awesome if yall can leave a Like and help promote this idea. And let’s say they only bring up 3 of the 5 maps, vote on the 3 you want most!



Reclaimed, Harbor, and Foundation.


Personally don’t see why they wouldn’t be put in rotation if they are only shipping with 7 maps. Obviously people would want them added to rotation to bring in some variety.

Harbor, Dam and Foundation


i wonder if that means they will fix horde if enough people complain


As long as they don’t bring back Blood Drive and Gridlock, it would be a good idea to put the private maps into public rotation, at least until they can add more new maps.


Not a big fan of playing Gears 4 maps in a new game right at launch(or anytime soon with how much I played them in Gears 4) but if people want to play these maps in matchmaking, I guess they’re entirely free to do so. But I’m going to avoid them. I’d like this new game to feel, you know, actually new.

But since I primarily play Horde and just recently decided to not bother with public(too much bother for what it’s worth), avoiding these maps in Custom is going to be not so difficult. Don’t understand why people want to play them after playing them for one year at the very least already, though. Even if we only have 7 maps in 5 that are new yet.


You hush your mouth, Gridlock is a Gears staple and has been in every game. It should be in this one too as a point of honor.


well in my opinion every map currently has a bit of blood drive and gridlock to it


Nope, TDM is already a campfest as it is, we don’t need to encourage more people to go camping instead of playing good old Gears.

Unless you’re saying those are not campfest maps?

Blooddrive I was never really a fan of, but I’ve always enjoyed Gridlock. It’s always been there, faithfully. It wouldn’t be Gears without it.


You can keep reclaimed in private, but add the others

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Hope they do this. liked

they already said this on past streams. I have also been asking on a semi-daily basis to bring the maps over and I see many other people doing it.

they said “if people ask for it”… well, two streams in a row people were asking for it so I don’t know what needs to happen for some action. if we get to a third week and we see the same response then I’m not sure what else to do.

but it’s kinda falling on deaf ears here as they don’t seem to engage in these forums much. it might be better to tweet these people and make posts on Reddit

@ danasissons
@ GearsofWar

EDIT: also to the OP, change the title to reflect the Map discussion. I almost passed this thread by because I though tit might be someone trying to promote a montage or something.


This needs to happen sooner rather than later.

The direction taken by the game right now is being nice to new comers and noobs. So few maps is perfect, it will take less time to memorise them.
And if you add maps that “veterans” know way to well, the little new comer/noob will be lost and will die too much, TC does not want that.


some new maps would be nice…but old ones will have to do if its all they have got…7 at launch? poor really poor


How about playing gears 4 till they fix this mess of a gears 5 ??


Dam, Foundation, Forge Blitz

No thanks, those maps look and play rubbish and should never have been put in a gears of war game.


No. I don’t want to play those maps. If those maps come up in my game I’m quitting. We played those maps for a good while, and they weren’t even good. No. No. No. ATLEAST change the aesthetics, if not…and they add them…I’m not playing on those maps.

I’d rather play on a full set of these new maps. Bring new maps. If we choose to bring the old over they’ll see this as acceptable. JUST no.