Detailed INPUT LAG analysis of Gears of War UE, 4, and 5 (Bad news for Gears 5)

i just froze right at the end of my ranked match as we was about to win and didnt get my win, my exp or anything smh i honestly hope this game dosnt make it anywhere forreal. this is what they deserve for leaving gears 4 on pc unplayable for all these years smh. gonna enjoy the downfall and hopefully they learn something because this comapny is a joke. thank you microsoft for destroying yet another franchise lol

It’s the same guy

crashed again smh


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Wizard Burial Ground: I first off wanna say thank you to this dude @Soul_Umbreon for explaining exactly what I experienced playing against PC before the thought karma police take Winston away. This dude nailed it to a tee. It’s exactly what I went through in ranked a few times.

I also believe they’re pushing out the last of the mohican in a way. Gears 1 players have families houses and kids now. But the kids got dads credit card and bored…

I wouldnt also be surprised if an EU edition comes out with the new console either. Better input blah blah blah. Its gonna get weird. Optic dissolves a multiple title winning team with a new gears? Read the writing on the wall. They know what’s coming. That last esports the dudes were scared to move.

Thank you again. You explained what I experienced and couldn’t understand. PC plays better? now if I just had a PC but what operating system company should I…Microsoft.

Ps: just to be perfectly clear I am awful at versus in 5. When I lost I lost. I played poorly. But I did experience what this dude talks about in some scenarios. Dont hate on the PC players, they’re people too and some I call friends.

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I’d bet 99% of console players who played on PC couldn’t even tell the difference. That’s how small it really is. But obviously it exists

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I am getting kicked to the Xbox Main Menu nearly every other match. I hope they are calling this a tech test because of servers and not beta to stress the mess out of the servers.

This game feels incredibly laggy and clunky to me.


I believe you are referring to the video where he was showing someone taking damage when clearly behind cover on one screen but showing still outta cover on another? If it is that was one of the most informing post I have seen in here.

That is pretty insane, 50 to 100, then another 20% more to 111. So, according to this, Gears 5 has gone up 120% in input lag on X1 from Gears:UE. What’s even sadder, even though it’s not to the extent of increased lag on X1, the PC version’s lag got slightly worse from game to game also. :man_facepalming:


Thank you for this post, hopefully this will reach TC in time


OH wow. I thought it was just the servers. I would notice my Active Reload felt off w/ a few instances of delayed fire. I thought it was my connection

To do a comparison you need to be analyzing under the same conditions.

Otherwise is PC and Xbox hardwired? And what is the ping in each case.

Playing on Xbox koth, i found it difficult/impossible to slide out of cover and shoot instantly while running like you can in gears 4. Not sure if this is by design or input lag but i died alot. Eventually gave up and decided to hard aim incoming players from the side instead


Now I realize why my movement is slower when my ping varies. Sorry for the confusion guys. I dont have technical knowledge in this area. I was just going by experience. Thank you all for helping me
understand better!


Thank you.

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Thanks a lot ,to explane well,and clearly,to the "veteran pc gamer":v::clap::clap:.the problem is that they know their advantage,but they tell you they are the best players…comic players,some complex…maybe…in any case…big THANKS.

Yes the input lag is tragic right now. This is simply because it’s just a tech test. These tech test servers are of course not optimized.

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A real analysis was done though…by Soul Umbreon. If you want to refute his work than do one of your own. But sitting here and sticking to your guns and pretending to know what you’re talking about isn’t helping further the discussion.

Anyways, good work Soul Umbreon, I applaud your dedication to this and this does look a bit troubling. I still use a base model xbox one and saw some of these issues as well.