Detailed INPUT LAG analysis of Gears of War UE, 4, and 5 (Bad news for Gears 5)

No, it absolutely does not mean that.

We also dont even know if Bootcamp runs at 60fps on Xbox One. Has someone confirmed that?

Well, I tried. Yeah man it run at 12 FPS and the servers are causing mass delay on everyones Xbox.

Im 100% sure it hasnt been confirmed thanks for proving me right.

If you are going to do an analysis, you at least need the baseline facts right.

Take a read when you get a chance. It will help you guys understand better.

I didn’t read your test study

But good job on the effort there

I do agree that input lag on console is annoying but I don’t think it’s worth removing cross play over.

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Thanks man Good job

OP, you are doing God’s work. Thank you for putting time into this and bringing it to TC’s attention!

Please listen to this man, TC.


It should be fixed by TC if they take themselves seriously as a games developer. On top of that they are basically Microsoft so it needs to be addressed. Not just because it gives the PC players a clear advantage over the Xbox players when using crossplay (I won’t if they don’t fix this) but also because it doesn’t have to be there.


The same thing happened in Gears 4. Same type of thread. I think it may have even been the same OP. TC did not respond.
I don’t know why people are acting shocked when even the chart shows Gears 4 was nearly the same. This isn’t new.

I think it would be great if the dev let people have the option to lower input lag (even though it will sacrifice smooth frame rate) but like I said, we just saw the same complaint go ignored so no one should be holding their breath here.

If input latency is that critical to someone then a console is not going to be ideal for them. They should get hardware that meets their needs. There’s reasons why frame buffers are used on consoles.


If there’s an advantage to be had, People will cling to it, As it is their only option to escape their average performance.- However when a skilled player gets that same advantage he will be much better off vs players without said advantage and it will break the game for them. I actually felt like Ultimate Edition was by far the most consistent Gears of war mp game, And is fun to play, I never really feel cheated but Gears 4 and some games (not all) of Gears 5 (recently examples) There are clearly players with a huge advantage over others consistently through out an entire match. Wether it’s a server side or personal settings it makes the game feel cheap and meritless as the kills, me and my teammates deaths and the victory is unearned, Unlike UE. I’m hoping they do look into it because people are serious waiting for this game including myself. Great Analysis, The community seems to be against the very act of pointing out the BS of gears as if they’re the ones benefiting from it. Keep it up


Yeah i can feel an increased input lag from gears 4 to 5 … hope they fix it till release …


Oh that’s a good point but still. If UE can do it so should 4 and 5. And otherwise another good reason to invest in a proper gaming PC besides playing all Dark Douls games, Sekiro and Elden Ring in steady and glorious 60+fps!

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The UE analysis is done in the menu. The Gears 4 and Gears 5 analysis are done in server connected modes. That is probably why TC hasnt commented. The analysis is bogus.

Can you do us a favor and perform the Gears 4 test in the menu? Same as UE.

I’ve been saying it for ages. There’s not a reason to have increased lag input on the One X other than the developers just not wanting to do it for one reason or the other (not because it’s impossible) The power of the One X is respectable and will handle it fine with minimal screen tearing (perhaps at the expense of some detailed graphics which is unnecessary).

70ms is quite a difference and would matter actually quite often.

The assertion that console players should just fork up $1200 for a PC (which is always made by those who have done it themselves) and hush up about it is dismissive and irrelevant to the argument.

A reply from @TC_Octus on this would be great.

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Someone made a great post similar when gears 4 released, I believe it also had a nice video.
TC didn’t care they just kept on saying “crossplay won’t ever happen” then it did.
Doesn’t matter to me because crossplay is always off.
But I noticed input delay in gears 4 and 5 the second I picked up the paddle. It’s always been terrible.
Nice post OP thanks

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Excellent research OP, however - though not probable (no one can say for sure though, unless the devs chime in) it is absolutely 100% possible for network communications to effect input latency, rather can effect your perception of it. You’re not monitoring the response at a hardware level - you’re looking at visual feedback.

Hmmm…maybe this is atleast part of the problem i have with the game so far. There has been such a delay beyween shooting for me and alot of times i can’t even get a shot off before im dead. I have a one x and a tcl with extremely low input lag.