Detailed INPUT LAG analysis of Gears of War UE, 4, and 5 (Bad news for Gears 5)

I made a thread trying to address this some issue but I didnt have the hard proof that you have. The input delay is crazy and not something I expected to have to deal with. It makes tracking moving targets and even basic movement a chore. I seriously doubt that it will be changed on release but I dont know what goes into game design. I feel like this is a lot bigger of a deal than the general population realizes. All I can say is if you’re reading this and dont know what we’re talking about then play a quick game of gears 5 then go straight to gears 4 and look at the difference in the input delay. Its insane and if they actually release the game in this state I will be severely disappointed.


Thanks so much for this, awesome work.


Nice post, definitely something that should be looked into. I’m surprised 4 and 5 have such a dramatic increase over UE.


Nice post! Yeah this game has felt chunky to me the whole time. I couldnt quite put my finger on it, and I assumed it was just that they increased cool downs and delays between moves like bounces and slides etc… but after reading this and playing on my X1X, Im blown away they would let people play in this state, especially since theyre pushing esports so hard.

Theyll need to improve this or I cant imagine this game will go very far in professional leagues. Honestly, I wouldnt mind giving up 4k at all for better performance.


This is exactly why the analysis doesnt make sense.

Pretty sure the OP is talking about input lag, not ping.

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Just ignore him. He thinks they are tied together. Me and others have pointed this out to him as false, but he doesn’t want to learn.


Forget about that pros wouldnt play this game with that kind of input lag.

Its simple pros wouldnt play with that amount of input lag.

Nice analysis. Would be cool if you got a developer reply. I wonder how high this comes on the backlog.

If your analysis was right though than noone playing ranked should ever turn cross play on. I happen to think its flawed. I would like to see TC put out their own analysis.

That’s the problem though. Indeed, pros would be very discouraged by such a thing, but as far as the tech test is concerned, this input lag is real. What we don’t know is if the pro exhibition matches were played on a different build that had less input lag.

Ping does delay things, but only stuff that requires a response from the server. So shooting and getting a kill does have a delay based on ping. However, client side, seeing a delay in your gun firing, regardless of whatever happens next (bullets hit, bullets miss, etc.) is the input lag part of the delay. Active reloading is client-side as well, so when you press RB and see a delay before it registers, that is not connected to ping. That is just pure input lag unfortunately.

The worst part is how this affects aiming and moving. That adds to the clunky feeling people are complaining about, since those things are client-side too. (the only time your movement is corrected by the server is if your position differs greatly from where it is on the server due to a ping spike - this is what “rubberbanding” is).


There is definitely major input lag during this tech test.


It is inconsistent though.

There’s a difference between input and output lag…

Input is local, output is what’s sent afterwards to the server.

You’re quite opinionated, and your response was “I have more gaming experience than you.” :joy::joy::joy::joy:

You should be removed from this conversation, you’re providing no helpful input, and “thinking” you know what’s up by your joystick skillzzzz


Im sorry that your analysis is flawed. I would like to see a real one done though. This difference would make PC vs Xbox impossible. If this was really the case it shouldnt even be an option for Ranked.

Some people would say PC vs Xbox IS impossible - me for example. And he’s right man, a simple google search will teach you the difference beteen input lag and ping. They are not the same, and the OP is correct.


I never said they were the same.

I said the servers not being fully optimized could be impacting the analysis.

Exactly. That means youre saying ping and input lag are related/ the same. They arent.