Detailed Hive Layouts, Weapon & Enemy Availability for All 31 Escape Hives

Hi All,

Dr Shwazz here. Over the past few months/year, I’ve made Master Escape walkthroughs for all 31 hives and more recently some lengthy but detailed discussion videos on what classes I’d recommend bringing to Master each hive in each Operation. Unfortunately, it looks like after OP4, TC basically said goodbye to Escape and looks like there won’t be any future hives.

So I’d like to share the map overheads for all the hives with you guys. These are basically detailed map layouts that I personally created that contain info such as:

  1. Labelled locations for weapon/ammo pickups
  2. Labelled name of the associated hive, acts/chapters and which Operation it was a part of
  3. Number of COG tags in each hive
  4. Venom bomb detonation time
  5. Mutators
  6. Class Recommendations for Mastering the Hive

Feel free to use this as a guide to help you navigate through the Escape hives. It may help you with achievements, daily/weekly challenges and even ToD objectives or medals and such :).

Launch Hives
1) The Gauntlet

2) The Descent (Acts 1-3)

3) The Hive (Act 1 & 2)

4) The Mines (Act 1)

4) The Mines (Act 2L)

4) The Mines (Act 2R)

Operation 1 Hives
5) The Hunters (Act 1 & 2)

6) The Surge (Act 1 & 2)

7) The Wanderer (Acts 1 & 2)

8) Venom Run

9) The Labyrinth

10) Forever (Act 1 & 2)

11) The Clock 1 + 2L

11) The Clock 2R

12) The Trap FULL.PNG

13) Last Stand 1

13) Last Stand 2L

13) Last Stand 2R

Operation 2 Hives

14) Ice Queen (Act 1 & 2).PNG

15) The Detour (Act 1)

15) The Detour (Act 2A)

15) The Detour (Act 2B)

15) The Detour (Act 2C).PNG

16) The Link (Act 1 & 2).PNG

17) The Line.PNG

18) The Blight.PNG

19) The Warren (Act 1 & 2).PNG

Operation 3 Hives

20) Barracks (Act 1)

20) Barracks (Act 2L)

20) Barracks (Act 2R)

21) The Choke (Act 1)

21) The Choke (Act 2)

22) Lethal Engagements (Act 1)

22) Lethal Engagements (Act 2)

23) The End

24) Melee Brawl (Act 1)

24) Melee Brawl (Act 2)

25) The Corruption (Act 1)

25) The Corruption (Act 2)

Operation 4 Hives

26) The Malfunction (Act 1)

26) The Malfunction (Act 2)

27) The Ambush (Act 1)

27) The Ambush (Act 2)

28) The Onslaught  (Act 1)

28) The Onslaught (Act 2)

29) The Gatekeepers (Act 1)

29) The Gatekeepers (Act 2)

30) The Split (Act 1)

30) The Split (Act 2)

31) The Mist (Act 1)

31) The Mist (Act 2)

Google Drive link >>>

Thank You.
Dr Shwazzy


This is a phenomenal effort!

This is a great resource for me personally to work out cog tags time bonuses per hive and what score cards people should carry to make gold times easy :slight_smile:


So amazing Shwazz, thank you!


I don’t play escape much but regardless this is very impressive


I followed your tutorials from the beginning of gears 5. It helped me a lot.
Thank you for this last post. It is huge work and I hope many will enjoy as I do.

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That’s really good. I might start working my way through more master hives thanks to it. Thanks man.

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Just wow, along with Bleeding Peppers class guide this is amazing. If I ever get back into Escape I’ve book marked this just in case.

Thanks for all this effort!


I’ll link this to our Discord where we try to solo run all hives with all classes. It will certainly come in handy when it comes to classes that depend or profit of certain weapons or ammo. It’s difficult to remember what’s inside each and every supply room (plus potentially hidden weapons).

Much apprechiated!


Nice visual guides here. I’m sure many will find it useful.

Can I just ask why Tactician is a good choice for Ice Queen? I was under the impression that the Relic Dropshot having ice effects is not affected by Shredder so the Tactician gets no bleed buffs. There are no other explosives in the hive except for possible frags dropped by Poppers but this is down to luck and RNG. And ultimate abilities last half the duration so Ammo Resupply is less effect for team mates. I guess a rifle build would work but will have to share ammo with say, a Marksman.

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The Tactician can be useful on Ice Queen because of grenades available from Poppers - so Grenade pouch can be good to run here. His bleed doesn’t work with the Relic Dropshot - as you stated - it just freezes.

I have him as a solid class to run because of his Disciplined/Modified Hammerburst build where he can function as a secondary sniper and do solid damage with bleed if he gets frags. And also with shorter ultimate - the Resupply Duration/Resupply Healing Module comes in pretty clutch in certain situations such as crossing the bridge in the second Act which may be filled with Venom thus allowing him to survive that part.

He’s mainly there for his extremely useful ultimate tbh. Shorter ultimate cuts it down to 1/4 the time but with his duration card it’s still 5-6 seconds or so.


Thank you! You’ve put a lot of time and effort in creating these blueprints. Well done :smiley: :+1:


I personally prefer the Snub. It outputs more damage and you can have two powerful other weapons (Longshot and Relic Dropshot on Ice Queen for instance). Basically 3 powerful guns on one class at once. Snub can reach over 1500 damage per bullet and is also more accurate.

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The Google Drive link is restricted and requires asking for access.

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Haven’t played Gears in a while but this is really impressive, wish I had those maps when I still played Escape!



Your efforts are very commendable. Well done :+1:


Really appreciate you spending the time to put these together and share!


Absolute Freaking Legend!

Amazing work! Thank you for doing the community such a service.

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phenomenally good stuff sir
Thanks so much

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Thanks for letting me know. I changed the restrictions - should be available now.