Destroying Gilded Scion in Gears 4 question

If I destroy my Gilded Scion will I still receive it in Gears 5 when it’s released, or does it have to be in my inventory? That 600 scrap is more important to me than that ugly skin at the moment. But if I get to have the 600 scrap and get it in Gears 5 that’s even better, have my cake and eat it too!

I’m sure if you have the achievement from unlocking it, whether you destroy it or not in 4 it will be there in 5.

It’s not checking inventory anyway, it will be checking whether it was unlocked.


I would wait until you get the reward in GOW 5, no reason to screw yourself out of a reward for only 600 scrap.

I don’t see what’s wrong with the skin. It’s literally a Scion with a black waist cloth with gold trimming. Unless you just hate the Scion.

Just wait until Gears 5. Realistically, it should be saved to your profile, but you can’t be too sure.