Destined weapon skins?

Saw this today but noticed nothing is counting towards it? Was this a accidental medal group because I dont remember this being announced? Anyone?

Edit: they started counting after I noticed them, got it like 15 min later


Amost certainly a bug of medals to come in Op 5.


Wonder why they say get 14 kills and such, whats special about 14??

This will be in What’s Up. Just saw it on FB.

Gears of War came out 14 years ago this Saturday November 7

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TC should fix the medals they have first, rather than add new ones…


Medals look like something you can finish in 30 minutes with 50 waves horde on Overload. Which is what I’m gonna do real quick.

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What a boring weapon skin. Is it so difficult for them to make a decent weapon skin without slapping GEARS 5 or that hideous eSports skull on it?!


It’s kinda ironic how obnoxious the paid Esport-skins are, yet most stream-skins look really good and have no skull or a barely visible one.

Was kinda interested in the Glitched-set but hot damn, they’re not subtle at all. It’s like a walking advertisement that you have to pay for.


Exactly, at least in Gears 4 the logo didn’t look half as bad. We get it, it’s Gears. Next thing you know they’ll put a Mini-Marcus head at the end of the barrel with it’s mouth open.


Not like they already didnt put a lancer to Marcus head bringing in Batista


Meh, kinda lazy but I’ll take it. Just the Gears 5 box cover art slapped on the weapons. Voila! 14th anniversary.

The medals are kinda weird when it comes to them being added for the first time. Usually restarting the game fixes the progress bug unless it’s majorly a messed up metal.
I always wondered if it was possible to submit an art design for weapon skins for freelancing artists just randomly looking to be apart of something.
I feel like a lot of the skins in the game were made by different people that don’t know what gears really is, but have the idea of what it is.

Ooo I just got the random idea to make skin designs for the lancer for fun.

The exact date I got my first grey hair :wink:


I hate how easy they are man, need to make some seriously grindy skin challenges so you actually get that sense of achievement

Man I feel like I’m always the outlier.

I don’t mind this skin. Someone I saw said it was dumb for it to be a Gears 5 skin for Gears 1’s anniversary, but to that point I said how it’d technically be the Gears of War franchise’s anniversary as well.

It’s okay. After I got my Halloween Petty Rant out of the way, I just don’t have the energy anymore to keep crapping on TC for skins when there’s more that has to happen in order for me to turn the game on more often. Hopefully Nov 10&17 will bring that.

LoL didn’t even take the 50 waves. Was able to get all the challenges within the 14 waves on a solo horde.

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Don’t talk rubbish, boy. There’s always energy for that.

Anyhoo, while it’s clearly arguable it’s the Franchise’s anniversary as opposed to Gears of War 1, I’d have much preferred a skin set that played homage to the OG Seriously picture of Marcus and his “wings”:

It’d have looked much better than having that betraying artwork of the Queen slapped on the side.


Now that I have the skins myself… I don’t find them to be particularly great. I get what they were going for with them(sorta) but they would have looked better without the Gears 5 cover art on them imo.

And no, a Gears omen would not be fitting for it either.


I hate kait so I don’t want to see her face anymore than I have to.