Desplease name of the title

don’t like the name of the game gears V really stick to gears of war its mosty icon thing u have left & u better not make this into a political agenda or its deem a failure gaming wise of all

It’s not a political agenda in any way what?

I’m pretty sure it’s been disclosed that the name is Gears 5 because there’s really no more ‘War’ to be fought, it’s just a journey at this point.

Also I’m sure the majority always called the game ‘Gears’ when they referred to it so it’s not really taking away anything.

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talk is cheap prove it to me 1st & its not the same there is always war other wise why is there swarm gears of war is most icon name in existed

Oh well since YOU said something, perhaps TC will change it back to Gears of War.

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Political agenda? Prove it.

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I feel no shame in derailing this garbage thread btw. OP has been addressed multiple times

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Yes. that was singular

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No Pepper. I am long

I would like to see the sworn or the locus finally have a character development I played this one locus who has two melt plates for gauntles wears some kinda of cloak was only in the multiplayer on GOW3 & GOW4 figure there want no part in the war want to live or something

Now now boys…you gotta go big or go home. @l_l_C_L_O_W_N_l and @Bleeding_Pepper

Although I agree with your message, but if I were you, I won’t rely too much on editorial blogs coming from the same website that posted: