Describe the Gears Universe

Hi all,
Inspired by a post in my “thank you from a blind gamer, Narrator is awesome” topic, someone asked me if I’d ever seen a Locust, and also said about some of them such as grenadeers having face shields.
This was the first time I’d ever heard of such a thing.
So, in here, feel free to put descriptions and, if necessary to back it up, facts/lore tidbits, of the Gears universe. Putting text-based descriptions will help other blind gamers. So, describe your favourite characters, the skins, their weaponry, the enemies, have at it. Use colours, it’s better to say there’s a red robot than saying there’s a robot. Feel free to try to put down heights, although I don’t quite know my height in person, I need to find that out actually as it might help me with scale.
I think we should start with the COG and go from there, as I don’t even know what Marcus looks like, or a lancer, although at the same time, we don’t necessarily need an order of thigns as such. Let’s just see where the topic goes, let’s see what you can all come up with.
I’ve watched (some) parts of campaigns on YouTube but not the whole lot. Word to the wise: for those reading this topic, I have a feeling there will be spoilers at some point, so be warned, as spoilers may be a necessary evil to help with some descriptions.
Also, feel free to use YouTube links to help bak up any of your points, for instance audio cues or even scenes, I’ve already warned those reading about spoilers, so I think that will be a definite at some point.


There are some characters in the Gears universe that no one knows the appearance of. There’s a carmine in every Gears except Judgment. Could you tell that it’s kind of a running joke that nobody knows what any of them look like beneath their helmets? There’s Ben, Anthony, Clay, Garry, and now Lizzie. I’ve never seen Emile without his helmet on as well. Cog gears and Onyx Guards have their face concealed too.

You seem interested in Marcus. He’s not very tall but the guy probably weighs 250+ lbs (all muscle) and has short black hair, but likes to wear a bandanna hat while fighting. He has one tattoo on his arm of a skull with crossed lancers that we didn’t get to see until Gears 3. In the original trilogy Marcus was clean shaven with a soul patch under his lip. When we meet him in Gears 4 he has a full beard and he’s very grey but still has all his hair and muscles (We cannot say the same for Baird lol)

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Just popping my head in here and saying that I second this as an interesting way to allow those unable to either see the game (like myself or @Jukesy1992) or obtain any of the action figures, just to name a couple of examples, to get a deeper look into the universe. Pun intended.

For myself I’ve read most if not all of the books that are available on IBooks, played all the games up to and including 5 and have a bunch of the pop Vinyls and a gold lancer replica, as well as one of those JD figures from 4 as a point of reference. All the same, it’d be great to get some more input much like what we’ve already seen here.

Great to see the Gears community being so willing to assist.

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Pretty much all the COG guys are built like linebackers, huge muscles, broad shoulders. Since Baird was mentioned, in the original trilogy he has blond hair and always wears goggles on his forehead. By 4, he has no hair but he does have a goatee. He wears a white lab coat when he’s in the lab and blue cog armor when he is out helping delta someplace else.


Dang, I’m not good at story telling or I’d give this a go…

Anyone good at explaining details would be much better than me. Sorry.

Hi how’s it going buddy. I’d like to just do a brief description of the first 2 gears of war games in terms of style from my memory of them. They had a really rough dark gritty kind of look to them. The gore and blood seemed to be well suited to the dark and dimly lit areas. In gears of war 2 there’s a part were the team have to go through the inside of a giant worm and basically cut their way out of it with the lancers etc. They are crimson red by the time they escape out of the worm and they are in some dark underground area where the worm has been smashing through.

Avalanche was my favourite gears of war 2 map. It was on like a cliff side, a little kind of village looking area and when the horn sounded the whole area was covered in a wave of snow as it swept through the map.

The look of Marcus in gears of war 1 and 2 with his chiselled face bearing the wear and tear of what looks like scars compliments perfectly the battered derelict buildings and hard surroundings that this man and his squad have to work their way through.

As for the locust I always imagined something with a head somewhere between a snake and an insect with bulging demonic eyes set on a white scaley face. The eyes in a constant state of fight or flight, adrenaline fuelled and ready to strike. They were big but so were Marcus Dom Baird and Cole in their battle suits looking like 4 guys jacked up on steroids.

These descriptions are from memory alone and may be different when I actually look closely but it’s nice to see what my memory of these games is for me. The nostalgia is still strong with me when I think of the good times with the curtains pulled and that eerie noise as the loading screen appears with the black and red like bloody fire on the screen.

Nothing like 5 I might add:-)