This is mine as well.

Well now I’m just curious.

I’ve definitely played with engineers like that - who spam Barriers without any consideration of team mates. I remember in one such game someone else asked them to build a locker, and all they built was a level 2 locker for the other 3 players to share - we had a Demolitions and a Pilot (and I can’t remember the 3rd one). Fortunately we cleared it - it was a Frenzy, and I was Blademaster and did most of the heavy lifting, but during wave 12 I looked over at the base and that level 2 locker was still the only one built. We were swimming in Barriers and MG Sentries.

OMG, everytime i think i’ve seen/heard it all someone tells me Story like this.

All i can say is it’s always a Redflag when an Engineer starts building Barriers when there are 3 Classes on the Team that need a Locker asap.

How are they suppose to Kill with no Ammo? :joy:

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Best thing you can do nowadays the Game is infested with Weirdos,New-players, or Max-ReUps that have no Idea what they’re doing,Host’s who quit and take everybody with them, this List could go on forever so i’ll end it here.


One of the things I’ve noticed, is that lobbies can sometimes be hard to fill. Given my own personal circumstances of having a massive “blocked player” list which I exercise total zero-tolerance and kick all blocked players, I suspect this makes other players in the lobby think that I may be AFAK (even if I do things to indicate that I’m not, like momentarily start and stop the countdown) or they get impatient and leave. For example if there’s one space left and the 5th player who joins is blocked and I kick them, half the time it leads to another player leaving, and then others sometimes leave too.

It’s not much bother for me cos I’d definitely rather wait as long as it takes rather than play with someone who I’ve had a bad experience with, but it can take time to fill a lobby.

But with Horde, I mostly play with friends anyway. It’s only really Escape that I regularly host public lobbies.


I didn’t say anything against picking up a Lancer, i’ll sometimes pick up a Lancer for Sires too.

I just think it’s not smart to throw away one of the best anti-Flusher Weapons.

Maybe im biased because the Markza is one of my absolute Favorite Weapons in Gears 5. :grin:

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I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about the Lancer.

Alot of my friends love it because of the chainsaw which is great for dealing with Sires and Rejects. The trouble is, some of my friends aren’t the greatest when it comes to judging when to use it and when not to and often they over-use it. They even use it for Juvies too (who should be weak enough to kill without the chainsaw). Obviously the chainsaw locks you into an animation where you’re vulnerable for a few seconds and on master that can lead to you dying. In some situations it’s better and safer to shoot them; or if able, just to melee them cos at least then you aren’t commiting yourself and locking yourself into an animation - you can just melee once or twice and roll away, and then repeat if necessary). My friends try to use it on Drone-class enemies too often and half the time get shot as they approach which breaks the revving process and leaves them vulnerable. A melee combo would have been more effective.

But this says more about some of my friends’ lack of situational awareness than the Lancer. :stuck_out_tongue:


To be honest, the situational awareness can go out the window “sometimes.” Because there has been many occasions where I get “silently” grabbed by sire, “silently” get dbno by popper or even by boomshot Scion.

For sure. Sometimes things get chaotic and it’s easy to loose track of what is going on around you. It doesn’t help that Sires’ sound cues are messed up; and sometimes the same with Juvies and Poppers too.

But equally sometimes people make rookie errors which are unnecessary. If there’s a group of Juvies rushing you, it’s a bad idea to chainsaw one of them cos while you’re locked into the animation the others will just knock you down (unless you’re a Nomad with Execution Shield; or the Veteran); or annoyingly they chainsaw an enemy which a Blademaster, Protector or Infiltrator is bleeding out, so therefore they don’t get the healing or stim from the kill. I think it’s partly down to panic and tunnel-vision.

I guess I just think the chainsaw is a bit over-rated. It has it’s uses for sure, but I think people can over-rely on it to the point they choose the chainsaw over more sensible and safe options. I wonder if there’s a subconscious element where people associate the chainsaw with being unable to melee like in older games?


I see loads of people freaking out when theres scions/wardens inside the base area and someone gets downed and at least 2 go for the revive which leads to 3 people down/dead.

90% players are quite dumb and dont realise how handy flash grenades are.

Theres always that 1 player constantly going down away from the base cause they want all the kills.

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I don’t know how many 50s i saved using Flashs, probably around 300+


I dont play 50 waves, couldnt cope with randoms for that long.

Yeah, this seems to happen alot. I think there are lots of factors involved here:

(1) People prioritising revives over their own safety. I appreciate the sentiment, but if it results in 2 (or more) DBNOs instead of one, then it’s not a great move is it. I can understand if it’s a group of randomers and there’s a lack of communication about who goes for the revive, but it’s easy enough to use tac-com, stop and look, and observe the movement of other team mates. If you see another team mate moving toward a DBNO player, just stop, roll back and get into cover. The way DBNO has been changed, is that the bleedout time is so long that it’s very rare that players bleedout anymore. 99% of the time they get executed. So the emphasis in theory, is less on speed of the revive, but should now incorporate awareness of the enemy. Good players will use flashbangs, smoke grenades and even the divisive shock grenade to help with revives and prevent or slow enemies from executing. The medic player should ideally be using cover, use tac-com and quickly assess the area for threats.

(2) Under-estimating enemies - I’ve seen many players underestimate certain enemies in these backs-to-wall situation and get destroyed. The Mulcher is a big one - they are so strong and accurate, and they will outgun any class in a gun fight on master on the higher waves. But so many players think they can go toe-to-toe with a Mulcher in these situations. If you play smart as you say, and use things like flashbangs or even an EMBAR, you can stun them and get the advantage. Also the panic from enemies breaching your base can lead to everyone focusing on the same big threat, but you neglect other smaller enemies who rush in. A single Elite Drone can mow a whole team down on later waves. Often if I’m a tanky attacking class like Blademaster, Infiltrator or even Pilot (using the Silverback) I’d either peel away from the base to mope up other enemies and take the pressure off my team mates and the base; or hold a line at the edge of the base while my team mates deal with the breach.

But in defence of players who operate further away from the base, there are some classes who do this much better than others. Infiltrator and Blademaster for example can be very effective if played well. It’s higher risk for sure, but it takes alot of pressure off the base. With the BM in particular, pushing out far away is almost necessary just because you want to make the most of Shock Blade/Chain whenever you activate it. But I get what you mean though, some people are triers; and some people are can-doers. :wink:

Smoke is my favourite to. Valuable and cheap.

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Smoke grenades are totally underestimated and undervalued.

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Actually… Gunner with a Mulcher build can face tank Mulchers at any point in a Horde match, even with only Bait Armor. Heavy Deflect literally just makes you laugh their shots off like knocking some dust off your shoulder.


As soon as I see someone buy a weapon, I’m perking up

Hm, not a big fan of those, they seem to be TOO inconsistent, often i still get shot through the Smoke by Booms when i play Brawler. :expressionless:

So eventually i’ll swap them out for Flashs, i know they sometimes don’t work aswell but i trust them more. :joy:

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