I see games with names like “deposit until xx wave”, or “no perks until 21.”

For my games I like to balance perks and deposits; we usually do 1000/wave/player and then perk the rest (in public games we never really enforce any deposit schema).

Depositing a lot means the engineer can spam turrets I guess, but he/she usually will red them out during boss waves. Having some perks for the team can make those waves easier; I suppose the reverse can be a problem too where no one deposits and there aren’t enough fortifications to keep enemies back.

So it makes sense to have deposits and perks balanced. What do you guys think?

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Depositing only if you want a locker or if you feel like contributing to the base building. Otherwise, perk away. That’s my rule.


I’ve also seen the “deposit until ” matches and that’s completely bonkers. That’s a match with an engineer who has no grip on money. I tend to deposit all the first few waves, that goes especially if I play a character that needs a locker, until lockers and barriers are up but then I will perk and deposit mostly the small change leftover. I feel that if large amounts of power for sentries are really needed in the first 20 waves or so, the chances of the match ever lasting 50 waves are very slim.

I perk first then maybe ill deposit later. I dont usually play classes that require lockers.

An other thing, if i play jack i perk my ult recharge to 10 the ill deposit everything else or share to teammates.

i never join any lobby that asks to deposit, although i never play 1>50 runs.

No. Unless I play a class that needs a locker I don’t deposit.
And definitely not for engie to spam sentries.

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What annoys me is when players on wave one instead of killing just stand and wait for engie to start building so they can pick up forts blah blah blah. Waste of time.

In Frenzy engie has enough money to build a few barriers on wave 1.
In regular horde - you don’t need any fences until around wave 10.
Don’t tell me 5 players can’t kill 5 enemies that spawn in early waves?…

Just to add - I think the farthest in regular horde I went without building forts except for lockers was wave 32.

In frenzy I played a lot without building at all. And definitely many more games without engies.

Or decide to kill themselves 2>3 times to fill a locker with boomshots instead of killing.

I had a player (demo) just stading at the fab meleeing it until i built a locker on wave 1.

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Omg don’t even start talking about Demos… I don’t like the class lol except when I use it in escape for ammo boxes.

For regular 1-50, if there’s an Engi I would deposit until they don’t need it or they type in the chat that we can perk. Of course, classes like Blademaster, Tactician - they should perk when the game starts.

There’s some lower priority classes that could perk wave 1 (Anchor, Veteran for ammo regeneration for example) but personally I’d hold off on it. Don’t really need ammo regeneration right at the start of the game when there’s barely any enemies.

For Frenzy, I’d maybe deposit for the first 2-4 waves and then perk. Same rules apply in general. If you want a locker, deposit. Otherwise start perking. Obvious classes (Blademaster, Tactician) start perking wave 1.

And if there’s no Engineer - then do whatever you want lol.

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I say ■■■■ the perks, ■■■■ the lockers, ■■■■ whatever everyone thinks and I think everyone should deposit until engineer builds plethora of sentrys. And if anyone disagrees ■■■■ you to.

I avoid any lobby that makes these rigid demands. On the rare occasions I host Horde games my title is basically “no depositing demands”. If the engineer starts demanding deposits, I warn them once and kick them for subsequent demands.

My philosophy is that an engineer can easily make do with what is available. Barriers are the main thing.

If players want a Weapons Locker then they need to deposit so the engineer can do this. If players want to perk up thats fine too. But if youre perking and then start demanding a locker and haven’t contributed, then thats a no-no.

Some classes can be self-sufficient. Anchors, Veterans, and Brawlers have an ammo regenrarion perk; while the Tactician has their ultimate. The Demolitomsn can be self-sufficient through their perk, but understandably a Locker may be desired because the explosives regenerating can be slow.

Melee classes are self-sufficient and may just need ammo boxes once per wave for their Mace. Infiltrators can get by with ammo boxes too as each ammo box gives 16 Gnasher and 8 Overkill shells per box.

Barriers are the main thing an engineer needs to build. But fact is Barriers alone won’t kill many enemies by themselvses. Maybe Trackers and Leeches, but everything else needs input from players. Basically Barriers will only do so much - if your team can’t kill the enemy then you’re going to be stuffed either way Barriers or no Barriers. Teams need either perks or ammo (or both) to maximise their killing ability.

Basically I trust my team mates - even randomers, to make that choice. Just as long as they know that money is limited in the first part of the game so if they use their money on perking, then dont expect a Locker immediately or vice-versa. But I trust them to make the choice which works for them.


I think it comes down to this: If the Team can survive without the Engineer spaming Barriers right from the start after he build like 1-2 Lockers it’s all good and speeds up the Game (talking 50s here)

It’s just a Pain in the *** when I’m Engineering and nobody put’s Energy in but they’re also not able to Kill stuff. :rofl: :joy:

After Wave 7 or 8 im able to buy a Barrier or 2 each Wave if the Tab survives with MY Money, no need for People to put EVERYTHING in for 10-20 or even 30 Waves (WTF).

Players that demand that kind of Money are just bad at managing Resources in an effective Way.

In general i think People should be allowed to Perk early while also putting some Energy into the Fab.


People are just one dimensional, when i play Anchor i use whatever works with Bulletboost, i see some Players throwing away the Markza for a Lancer, Markza is quite good (with Bullet-chain of course) ESPECIALLY in early Waves.

My Point is, as Anchor i throw in all the Energy until wave 6 or 7 to help build up a Locker or whatever is needed.

Getting through the first few Waves without Ammo-regen is no biggy.

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True. People just play different so you have to settle with various play styles - some use a locker, some perk, some don’t.

As long as you don’t have randoms sabotaging the game - moving the fabricator, upgrading forts if not Eng, etc… - it’s all good.

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In defense of people like myself (who do exactly this as Anchors) chainsawing enemies like Sires and Rejects is faster than having to actually aim at their head/feet. Also works so that I don’t need to run if I spot a Cyclops prepared to chainsaw me.

Plus, while chainsawing enemies you buy some seconds of “Invulnerability” (assuming that’s the word I am looking for) in case people are going down or there’s a threat somewhere and you need to “prepare” to move somewhere else.

Maybe the Markza is objectively 100% better for the Anchor but I still see some use of having a Lancer instead😅


It’s funny you said that because I met this genius host (not long ago), sorry I meant penis. Who thought it was good idea to build barriers first on regency on regular horde. Bare in mind we did had demo, pilot and I was gunner with torque bow build. We end up losing the game which was inevitable. But the absolute funny thing was he demanded everyone not to touch the ammo crate and only DEMO can take it :joy::joy::joy:. I think it was infiltrator or pilot who got kicked (not to sure) because for taking the ammo box :joy::joy::joy:.

I did played with them second time, however, no chance I play their game anymore (blocked them for good), toxic as hell and kick players for perking at wave 31, as @Bleeding_Pepper would say “JESUS WEPT” wave 31!

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I wish you didn’t redacted the name. I want to know this smartass so I can avoid him.

Oh wait, never mind, I host my own lobbies.

He/She is a forum member lol.

My next question would be - are they regulars?
Which I doubt but who knows.