“Deposit”…okay, what do you mean?

Just a curiosity question, I see so many public horde lobbies that say something along the lines of “deposit or kick” or “deposit please”…well, that can mean a lot of things.

If you mean 50% of the power I gather, sure I’ll do that. Or “up to wave ___”, but if you think I’ll deposit everything, forever? Nah, not happening. How is that fair?

So since no one ever uses text chat anymore, I’m curious what people “mean” when they say to deposit in lobbies. Do you mean partial or all and forever when you host games?


I never join these morons👍


Just deposit at all. Make some effort.

Really, you get so little power for the first 10 waves or so on a 1-50, it’s much more worthwhile to deposit it that perk up early on. The only exception is classes where even a low level perk is essential, like Blademaster needing a level to be able to deal bleed.




You really don’t need to deposit in this game. Mechanics aren’t needed in Gears 5 whatsoever. All you absolutely need are barriers and lockers maybe


I agree with this being the case now.

As for those who say “deposit all” I don’t do that because I “need” to perk, I don’t do that because I learned my lesson the hard way by what my deposit was spent on.

If I deposit all 10k at the start of frenzy and you use it to buy a sentry or foundry you won’t get any more power from me.

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Usually these lobbies are hosted by either an engineer or someone who is in a quad with a friend who is an engie.

I mostly play as Blademaster or Vet and I never deposit as BM and deposit some as a Vet. The reason being - my job is to kill and I need my perks.


While at the fabricator upgrade skills and then deposit the last $100 or so.

I hate upgrading skills is given away by character chat.

Must be at the fabricator for illusion to work.


It’s not that people ’ don’t use text chat anymore ’ it’s because console players literally can’t use text chat anymore, unless it’s an option I can’t find in my settings.

If im in a public horde and there is an engineer i usually do 1/2 at start, then do single perk upgrade per wave and donate rest till base is established enough.
Exceptions include if im playing something like anchor and want my ammo regen at level 5 minimum ASAP /// or the engineer is a sentry on wave 1 pleb.

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Slightly disagree homie. You are correct that a smart Robotic Experts is building barriers and Lockers only, maybe a Mechanic building Decoys but If we’re going by Frenzy then you have to sacrifice perk money to build on Master.

Of course you don’t need an engineer but I really don’t see why you wouldn’t want one especially if Robotic Experts damage isn’t trash. It’s no Red banner but its enough to not be considered useless imo. DR-1 also makes for a great distraction if things get hairy (unless you’re trying to distract scions)

Jesus I’ve become quite defensive of Baird recently…It’s mostly because if no one in the lobby has already got him selected I’ll play him. This process happens for 70% of my lobbies lol.

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I worded my comment badly. By Mechanic I meant engineers as a whole.

Of course I would want an engineer i was just saying that they are not needed. Ive done countless frenzies where we didn’t even buy fortifications at all.

Robotics Expert is the best engineer though in my opinion.

I agree. It just makes things easier I guess. I’ve done no build runs aswell but it can be rough depending on group/map

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If engineering was more interesting in Gears 5, and not just limited to “put down some barriers and lockers and maybe sprinkle some shock sentries in and you’re done” and new forts to play with, I’d probably pick the role more often.

But as is, not really too appealing to me. And I used to like playing the engineer in 4. Doesn’t help that at a baseline everything other than level 1/2 barriers gets destroyed way too quickly.

I’m really hoping engineer gets more variety in the future. Made a thread talking about it, quite sad its been so basic since GoW4.

Deposit dez nuts @xXARslayerXx

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When it comes to depositing, it usually depends on what class I’m using in the first place. If I’m playing gunner or BM, I’m usually an energy hog for the first 2 rounds, but if I’m someone like veteran or infiltrator, I’ll usually give them all of my energy on the first wave.

As the waves go on, I check the fab energy storage to see if engie needs energy in the first place but regardless of energy I usually give the engie about half of my energy anyways or sometimes all of it if they are low and spend my half on whatever I need.

The lack of variety wouldn’t be so bad if fort health hadn’t been nerfed into the ground, esp for level 3/4 barriers and the decoys in general with Gears 5. In 4 I remember a particular match on Impact, a map where I would build like a multi layered “fortress” allowing teammates to cover almost half of the map without me even having to put any MGs out other than one particular spot where flyers liked going(probs wouldn’t work now because MGs kinda suck) with a variety of level 2 and 3/4 barriers alongside level 4 decoys and shock sentries, and an emergency fallback point back in the spawn, where it was only me, a Scout and a Sniper on Insane for most of the run, and at some point on wave 40 I was the only one left standing, but with how I’d built the layout it held off two Carriers and their backup long enough for the MGs and me putting in some work with the Dropshot to finish the wave.

I don’t think I could even do that in Gears 5 if I wanted because if you want to build a big base as a Mechanic you’re never going to catch up with repairs(why does the base repair speed even have to be so slow? there’s literally no point to it) and with the Robotics Expert you just plop down some barriers and maybe shocks and call it a job well done because even with the health perk you shouldn’t bother doing level 3/4 barriers or lots of decoys except for the end of the match or when creating a last resort area.

Anyway, on topic, I don’t even consider lobbies where people absolutely demand deposits to be ones worth staying in. Absolutely have played ones where no one deposited until later on in the match and the engineer still built a good base with what they had available. Only time I consider a deposit mandatory is if you’re playing a class or build that actually needs a locker. Don’t go demanding one while you’re happily spending away at perks. And if the engineer just builds a sentry on wave 1, well, since the Gears 4 days had excessive sentry spam to me that is just a big red flag resulting in me either leaving immediately or an instant kick(if I were to be the host).

If people learned to not being locker nor fortification dependent it wouldn’t happen. Those who claim isn’t necessary a Demolitions but is not the same with engineer/build, get stuck in that idea. Try new things? No way. Personally I wouldn’t like to see engineering stuff in other games, not to mention gears 6 ‘cause I’m sure it’ll be worse with the stupid freedom rather than incentive player play their damn roles.
And those who still bark is mandatory deposit/engineer/build, here’s 3 Horde Matches as Demolitions, Anchor and Nomad just a few examples. I don’t depositing and only use perks, only depositing when I have all maxed out in the last waves. The “real 50 waves” (what a stupid statement but anyway)

What is more funny is there’s some who affirms isn’t possible beat a horde match (12 or 50) without engineer nor build something or Demolitions is inefficient if he’s not being locker dependent although he’s killing a lot, but they never tried to play that way.

Being ignorant is bad.

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I never play 1-50 games with total randomers nowadays. I only ever play those with at least 2 other people so we have the majority in numbers.

Generally speaking, I will deposit my 1000 power in wave 1, and anything I get in wave 2. Usually the total power everyone starts with and earns in wave 1 is enough for one locker which is a good starting point.

After that point - from wave 3 onwards if I’m one of the Hivebuster classes (Tactician, Anchor or Blademaster) I will slowly perk up relevant perks - like Melee and Damage Resistance (Blademaster); Ammo Regeneration and Damage Resistance (Anchor) and Explosive Resupply (Tactician). I usually don’t upgrade more than one perk per wave and will deposit any leftover power. Just use tac-com to see what the state of the base and you can make decisions there and then as to whether you need to contribute or not.

The way I see it is that some classes have more useful perks than others. The Demolitions for example, only really needs (in my opinion) the Ultimate Cooldown one, so I would expect them to contribute more. If they want a locker, they need to contribute. Alternative if they want to go for Ammo Regeneration then that’s on them - just don’t go taking locker space from other people who did contribute. But Anchor and Blademaster in particular really benefit from perks. I’d hope that over time more and more players realise this, but as I said I don’t have that issue for 1-50’s as I only play those with friends.

Frenzy games on the other hand, similar principles apply - Anchor, Blademaster and Tactician should keep the majority of their power for perks. Quite honestly I wouldn’t deposit more than 2,000 of my starting 10,000 power if I was one of those classes. But if I was say, Infiltrator, Demolitions, Marksman, or Nomad, I’d deposit every penny right away.

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