Denounce a cheater

Hello, I do not know where to write this given that I am new on this forum, thus saddened beforehand if it is not the good place.

Sorry also if my English is not very good, I am French.

I was playing in friendly parts and I fell on the following player —DELETED— who was cheating. I have no visual proofs, but I can assure you that he possessed an aimbot because he slept me in 2 seconds thanks to his lancer and he made that headshots with his boltok pistol.

Possibility of making something? Thank you in advance!

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Hey bud,

Just so your aware publicly naming and shaming isnt looked too kindly by @forum-mods. Better remove the screenshot and GT from the post as the thread likely going to get locked.

Unless you have video evidence of him cheating, The coalition cant investigate.

i never got the whole “dont name and shame cheaters” thing if they’re cheating they should absolutely be shamed as they are ruining the game for at least 5 other players naming and shaming would at the very least force them to change names so they’re not recognized


Sorry for the image, I did not know, I removed him. Thank you for your answer!

Remove the GT too, mentioning GT will still get ya in trouble.

Probably because people going to bombard them with hate messages or something which is basically instigating em to harass cheaters which in turn youll get xbox enforcement ban.

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It’s done, sorry :frowning:

Yes, please always ping a Mod or you can send a DM to @CoalitionGears on Twitter with video proof. They can investigate, and take action if confirmed using exploits within the game.


i guess that makes since i personally like they deserve to have their gaming experience ruined as they’ve done for others but death threats are a little out of hand