Demolitions and Infiltrator nerf

Not a huge fan of the nerf to these two classes.

Demolitions needs to have their launcher capacity brought back. It doesn’t need to be as high as 100% but it needs to be there. I believe I remember seeing on stream Michael Shannon saying he wanted to allow Demolitions to have an alternate play style of using their rifle as well, hence the new level 19 card. But by removing the launcher capacity card, he effectively removed the playstyle of those who just like to just use explosives.

As far as infiltrator goes, I understand the need to give a range limit to the bleed effect it has, but I think 5m is too small. Would really like to see this bumped up to 10m. Having it set at 5m also makes the Overkill, the only other shotgun in the game, feel pretty worthless because it performs best outside of this distance. Also if we could get a range indication or something added to the game so we’re able to visualize actual distance, that would go a long way. Besides that I think the change to the passive for infiltrator is absolutely amazing. Sneaking behind enemy lines, hitting a few executions and then one shotting a Scion feels great.


I love how they’re attempting to balance the classes when the game has elite drones running around and introducing non-fun & hard af mutators each day.

It’s like an unending uphill battle with the devs


Seems like they’ve forgotten “fun” and want the game to be as ■■■■■■■ hard as possible. Like they saw Doom’s success and felt like aping that.

Doom is “hard” and it works for Doom because your weapons actually feel like they have impact, and you can move around at 9001 mph.


I love what they’ve done to the Demolition-class. It requires one to plan the shooting more than before. And I’m all over the place with them grenades.
The two classes actually requires some skills now. It’s all good.