Demo in Horde: powerful, but boring to plsy

I was never a fan of the GL, but i really enjoy the boomshot… Now, with the 3 round limit, playing Drmo is a game of constantly running back and forth to a locker… Non stop…

Re artillery: maybe after they fix the problems with marking:

  1. Takes forever trying to mark multiple enemied, not possible to mark more than 3, most of the time a struggle to mark more than 2
  2. Enemies dont mark
  3. You get a verbal confirmation, but dnemy doesnt show up as marked
  4. Even if marked, atrillery doesnt drop on them
  5. Artillery misses flying enemies even if they arent moving
  6. Marks dont last as long as they are supposed to…

But even IF they fix that, what do you do now
? Hide in cover, mark few enemies, drop artillery… Fire 3 active boomshots to recharge artillery, mark few enemies, drop artillery. Run to locker get new boomshot, etc, rtc, over and over…

Is it powerful?


It is also boring as frack… I barely got Demo into 19 when i realized i had zero interest of playing it again…

Pilot, gunner, and tactician are waaaaaay more fun, already at 20…


Marking is a lot easier with the Snub, then switch back to the Boomshot/GL.

Stop spamming and invest into the regen-perk. Works with Gl-grenades and Boomshot-grenades now.

Valid points.


Lots of people apparently wanted him nerfed. TC always goes too far. The class is still powerful, but not near as fun.

Honestly gunner and whatever Kaits new class is are now OP.

I wish for at least 6 in the boom or at least allow the weapon lockers to fill quickly.

I personally believe the explosive resupply rate of lockers has been nerfed again. Maybe I just run through the booms too fast. It’s agonizingly slow to refill anything with explosives.

I don’t actively use Demo much since all the nerfs, and honestly the only reason I have him at max is because I used him [when Demo was still JD locked] every Operation to unlock damage/kill/eliminations medals on AllFathers Arena. I’m so sick of Arena because it’s the best map for dailies challenges and medals. I feel you on JD being boring as well

My main is Traitor (still as Kait, in Hivebuster skin) and I have her most optimal cards maxed out… yet somehow I’m NOT bored out of my skull. That should tell TC how bland JD/Demo is. You just have to fire in the enemies general direction and get mindless progress.

I call it the traitor class as a joke. Now that it’s actually called Infiltrator. Not because Kait is annoying and killed her most optimal battle buddy by aiming for a tiny tentacle instead of aiming for center mass

There’s tiers…in order from lame throwaway to best.

Disposable meatshield
third wheel
best friend

in exchange for the other one’s life…but I won’t get into that.


Combination of demolitions and tactician can be more fun, as long as the tactician class has maxed out resupply ammo explosion. That’s where I rarely go back to my locker to replace my boomshot when I’m playing as demolition.

Also, if you want the game to go more faster have a deadly combination of interrogation and spotter support cards.

Me and my friends have been using the Tactician’s Interogation combo with the Demolition’s Spotter Support and Confirmed Kill. Great fun, and even more overpowered! It becomes a once per wave thing, sometimes even twice per wave. All JD/Demolitions needs to do is press the Y button, while the Tactician uses a flashbang and grabs a meatshield. :smiley:

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What do you think they should do to make Demo more fun? Also one thing I’ve played the gunner more then enough and while fun the class is defiantly too strong. The amount of damage you can deal, take, and heal is too much all while being able to press y and bleed enemies out. Yeah it is fun but the healing as well as being able to press Y if you think you are going to die are too strong. It’s great other then that. Also I agree tactician is fun.

I’ve had good results running grenade build.
You get over double the boomshot in capacity and 500 for 7 more ain’t bad
Then while ammo is regenerating and artillery is recharging I have a few more options.
I don’t mind demo right now, it’s just a balancing game to prioritize assets


Was doing demo last weekend and found it easiest not to worry about trying to maximize marks. Mark one enemy in a group if possible, then another on a different side of the map. I’d let ult fly right after the second mark and it was marking pretty well with the splash damage and bleed.

Also does anyone know if confirmed kill card is working correctly?

I respect you guys, but for me playing JD used to be about explosive launchers… I never liked the GL… Boomshot and Drop…

Now they chsnged it all, and yes, you can still do a lot of damage with it, but for me it’s boring…

Spotter support with interrigation: sure… It is the tactician which is doing the fun studf, you just get to activate artillery… Over… And … Over…

I didnt know about resupply refilling ezplosives, will take a look, but i would be shocked if it actually did it at a rate which made lockers not critical.

And if you think about it, thats yet another class with a big dependency on perks… (Like tactician and gunner): so yes another class which wont deposit because it needs to perk up to be useful…

Perks are stand ins for extra card slots which TC didnt think to give us, and should be basically free. Making them so expensive that most of the time you get fully perked in the final few waves doesnt really work…

And now engineers wantmneed energy for perks…

Perks are not optional. They are critical for a number of classes… They need to be less expensive, so more money can be dedicated to base fortifications, etc…

Yes, i know they used to be more expensive… But look at tactician: below 9 that explosives ammo regen perk is mostly useless… So the player csn deposit and be largely useless offensively, or perk up and get kicked for not depositing…

The expense of perks is stupid, and does not promote any team work, re energy collections and usage.


Yeah, I only bought it up because this makes it even more boring for the Demolitions! :smiley: I love playing as the Tactician in this odd relationship. It gets my blood pumping!

Demo has always been boring, just a really “shallow” class in my opinion, Infiltrator (if you are good), Blademaster, Brawler, Marksman, etc. are all way funner than Demo. Demo is just ‘me shoot boomshot at things’ and has very little interesting gameplay loop. Veteran falls into the same thing but the difference is that due to Headshot Mastery card and some of the other ones they have you can do some really neat things with this class.

Edit: They have improved the versatility of this class over time, back in OP1-3 it was just GL spam for days, OP4 became more of a Boomshot/Salvo thing, now they have Gambit card and some ok GL cards so there is more variety, also can’t leave out Good Kill (@SNAKEYWAKEY389 has shown me the way with this card lol) so the class isn’t a one trick pony but compared to most classes they are boring yes.


I almost always run good kill now, and ask teammates to leave me blue boxes that spawn in. Very easy to use and powerful to use demolitions if everyone’s on the same page. Don’t even need a locker.

OP3 was all explosives Torque bow, salvo, boomshot, dropshot, grenades. I rarely used the gl or purchased perks.

I like torque bow with tactician. 10 shots and his reply will fill it back up

I found that I’m more dependent now on my teammates when ever I run Demo, does get somewhat dull after everything’s set up properly. I wonder if I use my Artillery with Spotter Support/My own Marks alongside Good Kill, will I get ammo boxes from said kills? Assuming I’m near a teammate when the explosives go off of course.

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After I maxed out the Demolitions class formerly known as JD I gave up on playing it and having him in my lobbies and switched to Tactition formerly known as Keegan lol. Its extraordinarily boring and now that he has been nerfed further it’s just not fun at all to me.


Not sure how many have tried making use of Demo’s new level 19 card that buffs ballistic damage after explosive kills, but it’s super powerful if used in the right way.

Try tossing out a few bleed damage explosive grenades, mop up a few juvies and weaker enemies, then fire your GL a few times.

I’ve mowed down many enemies in short order this way, and at least it’s a different way to play the class.

I do some Demolition-class these days, it has become a favourite almost. Never used him in early operations but now I have him on 20. I really like him.
I play with a grenade set up which involves planting a lot of grenades. I usually don’t even get a GL, instead alternating between Boomshot, Dropshot and Torque bow.