DEMO - how not to ruin a game for everyone else

That’s just assessing a class using totally different criteria. People just use normal Horde and Frenzy as the standard because they’re essentially the default versions of Horde so will naturally assess the efficiency of classes based on that. Changing the mode changes the conditions which one would normally assess a class against.


Demand a weapons locker (minimum of 2) at the beginning of a lobby.

If not provided, grief or quit first ro-



You can beat Boss Rush without a Demo though.


I think it’s mainly fun with handicaps such as mid map, ALL BM, all Engineer, All brawler. For Boss Rush and Horde Roulette to a lesser extent, it’s tough even when you bring the strongest classes.

Are you talking about “in theory” or something you’ve actually done? I have uploaded an all support classes boss rush game so I’m already aware of this but it wasn’t done on the hardest boss rush maps in the game. Not to mention a few 2-mans with just BM/Striker.

Sure if you play a map with no kestrel or wakaatu, you could probably win without a Demo. Most people host blood drive boss rush games and think that counts as the boss rush experience.

Something I have done.

It can be done on any map. It’s not going to be easy, but it can be pulled off.

What maps have you actually done than contains Kestrel/Wakaatu without Demo?

Clocktower, Bunker, Pahanu. There may be others, but those were the most challenging for me, I thought.

I understand all that but if the same people say it’s easy over and over again, week after week, bragging about how good they are with the class-they should do something to challenge themselves.

I only see one post/one person which may be construed as being bragging. Other people have been complaining about other things related to the class like screen-shake; or poking fun at some Demolitions players who feel the need for more than one weapon locker.


I’m not talking about this thread but other threads I see over the past couple months.

Oh I’m totally oblivious to the fact people play Demo out of a locker still. I haven’t done that since Tactician was able reload explosives in horde.

Feel like pilot and tactican can work on boss rush in place of a demo nicely that you don’t need a demo. Demo is not a make or break class with maps that spawn a kestnel or wakatuu but really just worry about the kestnel more than the wakatuu.

This is shockingly accurate though.

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Hard to believe anyone is even playing boss rush let alone on master…on the hardest maps…without a Demo.

I’m sure anything is possible. My main point was people who think Demo is easy should try boss rush to challenge themselves.

Anyways, good luck @RumblyMonkey991 on your Demo games.


Talking about demo… Can anyone confirm how many seconds does the mark (marking enemies) last for demo?

Thank you.

Any day now, I’ll get that horde daily invite.

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Can’t play Horde on Minecraft.

Well you probably can. Minecraft has alot of stuff these days.

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How to not ruin the game for everyone is to not take all the kills. Thats why i hate demo in horde even on master boss rush because they are having all the fun and everyone else is just their for support like blademaster, gunner, striker or any other class.

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I’m the context of Boss Rush. Demo/Tact/BM/Striker are the DPS classes while Pilot/Anchor/Gunner are the supports. I’m sure there are other ways to win but that’s what I’ve learned is best. The Demo in your game must be a god for him to have time to mark/kill all bosses multiple times per wave while killing every scion, warden, juvie and drone as well.

Thats basically what boss rush is though. You have your Demo/Tact Combo to keep the bosses at bay. Any other classes support those 2 and keep the little enemies off the main DPS.

Thats just how I see it though when I’m playing Boss Rush with my friends. If others have success doing different setups that’s cool too.

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