DEMO - how not to ruin a game for everyone else

Talk to me about Demo in Horde.

Cards to use
Game play tips

I’ve never played as Demo in Horde. Escape - yes, plenty of times.

What to do and not to do in Horde as Demo.

Share your experience. Any feedback is welcome.

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Dont play the class.


Been doing it for the past 2 years. I think it’s time for me to join the Dark Side.



Well in that case I have zero memory of that class cards so I cant help lol.

I’ll try to remember though

GL mastery
GL headshot card
Bullet boost
Bloody damage thing
Artillery strike (extra rockets during ult).

I actually like to use the GL when using Demo, it’s a really fun gun for me.

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I use

Custom GL
Custom Boomshot
Bullet Boost
Razor Hail
Officers Prerogative

Allows for very easy gameplay with some of the best damage output in the game. Just shut your brain off and make big explosion. I just use 3 boomshots and 1 GL. The GL is pretty much just for boss waves. Custom GL and Bullet Boost makes bosses disappear.

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Never stand near anyone using a sniper, camera shake is very annoying.

I too havent used this class in months.


I know how it feels because it happened to me so many times. Just recently played on Harbor as Marksman and had Demo, Tactician and Pilot spamming GL.
My screen shook so much I got motion sickness. It was awful.

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Just curious - is there a way to play Demo without GL and Booms?
Eg Tact can have a sniper build. Can Demo be something else beside making big bara booms?

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GL spammers need to get in the bloody sea.

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Theres grenades but those don’t really do a whole lot. Demo has an Assault Rifle Perk and Critical Damage perk so I’m sure someone could do a pure Assualt Rifle Bullets Only build.

I like to use a Dropshot and Torque bow combo. It isn’t great, and you won’t be doing massive amounts of damage, but it does get me away from the GL. Players will probably call you a noob or worse because reasons, but it gets the job done for me.

Having said that, with the GL cards and perking the critical and assault rifle you could probably do a lot, but that’s something I have never tried, so if you do it let me know how it goes.

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I don’t think ruining the game by breaking it is really your problem as Demo if you choose to play it lol.

Bullet Boost is trash and maybe the worst yellow in the game.

Razor Hail
Spotter Support
Custom Boomshot
Officer’s Prerogative


Frenzy run Custom Lancer GL, 1-50 run Confirmed Kill

On Frenzy I don’t need a locker, perk ammo regen to 10 first and then work on Ult cooldown. Between those two, try to buy a GL on wave 4 or 5. That should get you fast enough ammo to do massive damage. Grab 1 box per wave, should be fine.

Ult on waves 1 (optional), 4, 6, 8, and 9-12 on Frenzy. On 1-50 you should be able to Ult virtually every wave by wave 15-18.

If you’re not absolutely destroying everyone for damage with that, you’re probably not doing it right lol. I learned from a friend, taught another friend, and we both let him play Demo - the class bores us to be honest. Make go big boom boom repeatedly just isn’t my ideal, I’ll do it sometimes, but prefer other classes.

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I use the gl damage card and the gl recoil reduction card to get easy headshots with good damage. Yes you are still stuck with the gl but can shoot bullets instead of carpet bombing the entire map. I still use the rockets, boomshot and artillery strikes but mainly for bosses or when it’s actually motivated to use them.

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Whatever build you decide to use the annoying things demo can do are the following:
-spamming gls nonstop.
-spamming salvos nonstop.
-spamming grenades nonstop.(even worse when they decide to use shocks instead).
-demanding that you need multiple lockers.
-typing “mark” every single time you’re about to use your ultimate.


My biggest suggestion for “not ruining a game for everyone else” is to stick to your lane. When Demos don’t kill stuff on my side of the map, it doesn’t really matter what they do or how quickly they kill things. (Ult aside, obviously.) But as soon as they’re going out of their way to kill stuff I’m actively taking care of is when I have a problem.

It’s not a “Hey those were mine!” issue so much as “Hey, I was trying to generate stim/keep enemies in fear/maintain my head shot bonus/regen my health!” Demos who don’t stick to their lane can make playing a lot of other classes much harder unintentionally, so keep your eyes forward unless people start going down. When someone’s down, a GL or Ult in their direction can save the day. So being aware of where you’re needed while sticking to where you are can make you invaluable.


Dear lord.

Run it as intended and don’t worry about it….or don’t run it at all.

You’ve missed the hay day.

It’s about explosives and power.

If you can’t enjoy that, then by all means play something else.

If playing with friends, then it doesn’t matter.

If playing with randoms, work as hard as needed not to wipe.

Seems simple enough.


As a Demo-Main, It was painful to read parts of this thread so I am going to ignore all of it.

I don’t understand how Demo can ruin a game for anyone else based how the class is currently played. I’m pretty sure you do 1-50 or frenzy exclusively so the damage you deal will probably will be about the same as a good blademaster. That’s what happen when @Great_Defensor was blademaster in our 1-50 mid map game on icebound.

For horde I have two stacks

First stack is razor hail, custom boom, custom gl, spotter support and confirmed kill. I only do non-boss rush modes with a tactician who is running interrogation since it makes the waves/game more efficient.

For Boss Rush

I swap officers prerogative/bullet boost for spotter support/confirmed kill. Bullet Boost increases bleed but it’s completely overkill for non boss rush modes.

Perks: The priority for me is to get ult cooldown to 10 but I’m sure you can alternate between assault rifle/ult cooldown. I don’t even care about the there 2 perks but you can do what you want.

All in all, I only care about winning since that’s just how I always been so the only way to ruin the game for myself, is to lose.

Edit: If you think the demolitions class is easy, OP or anything else-you should play Boss Rush with me to show me how good you actually are…it’s the only real test for Demo.


So the only real test for the class is to play a different mode, but said class isn’t easy, OP or anything else in the regular mode.



The regular mode is a joke regardless if you have Demo or not. The only real test in general is playing Boss Rush but it’s even more of a test for Demo in comparison to other classes since the quality of the Demo is directly connected to winning and losing.

If it’s easy, play boss rush. If you aren’t at that level, you shouldn’t be talking about how easy it is. That’s how I feel about it.

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I disagree but that’s my opinion. The regular horde can be fun but it depends how the game is set-up.

I had a great game last week where the host had “15+ brawlers only” and yes we end up winning the game in Allfathers arena, on masters difficulty.

Very lucky to avoid kestrel, debees and sentinels. Otherwise, the game would’ve been different lol.

Overall it was fun, no marksman, no aim-bot veteran or even GL spammers. Everyone was doing their thing lol.

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