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Delta--Who's the Best?

Getting ready for Gears 5—I did something similar with the different stages of life we see Marcus go through on another topic, but I wanted something broader.

Basically, It’s in the title–which of OG Delta is the best?

Marcus - The One on all of the Posters
Dominic - The One that Made you Cry
Cole - The One that has a recognizable Scream
Baird - The One who you think might be gay…ever so slightly.

Don’t @ me on that last sentence–it’s just a hunch.

But yeah, I’d really like to see which members of Delta get the most love. It honestly feels like I only ever see Dom/Baird however, no Marcus and especially Coles.

(I also made this and figured it was relevant)


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I think Marcus would be my choice. Especially the older Marcus. Very Obi-Wan Kenobi. That is one thing the G4 campaign did right.

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Yeah I’d agree. As much as Baird is funny and I like them all, I think Marcus is my favorite at the end of the day. While the rest have their moments.


In the initial trailer (Gears 5) when he is talking, he sounds older, wiser in the way he was speaking to Kait… Marcus is a badazz to the end…


I am also glad they decided to keep the beard. It just works.

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Kratos. Geralt. Joel, or Noel, or whatever the Last of Us guy is named. Dom. Price.
Every character looks more badass with a beard. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Even Anya (But not Han Solo).

I agree, not Han. Young Lando pulled it off.

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Ofcourse, it’s ins t very fair as all the members for different screen time but Baird.


Marcus is definetly my choice,:sunglasses:


Gotta show some love for the COLE TRAIN BABY!!


I am going to presume your title was specifically asking for my opinion.

I love them all equally :stuck_out_tongue:


This is gonna sound controversial, but I’m not a particular fan of Delta Squad. I suppose Dom and Baird would be my favorites if I was forced to choose.

Marcus - he’s just constantly angry. I genuinely can’t tell if Marcus is angry because the Locust blew up his town or be a use he just woke up that morning and it’s his default mode. He had a few more mellow moments in GOW4 and I hope that trend continues in GOW5, bit he just seems a bit one dimensional.

Dom - seems like the one with the most emotional depth and grown up of the gang. But then he was the only one who was / had been a parent during the original trilogy!

Cole - always seemed a bit over the top. But GOW3 gave much more insight into him and showed a more normal and human side to him.

Baird - I liked him in GOW1 and 2. He came across as a snarky slightly aggressive bitter guy who was passed up for promotion (Marcus was made squad leader over him). In GOW3 he crossed that line into being obnoxious and insufferable. His lines in GOW3 were just too forced I guess.


I dunno what you are talking about Buster. JD is better than any of the idiots in the Delta Squad.

-David out

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Marcus or JD

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And @Bleeding_Pepper And Pepper, I get what you mean about Marcus–but the same you said for Cole in Gears 3, Marcus isn’t just angry all the time. Granted he gets angry, but it’s the first time we actually see him break down after 20+ years of fighting. Nearly half his life at that point.

Such as I pointed out on the Marcus Thread, at the end of 3 Marcus doesn’t celebrate, he goes off and grieves. He just lost his dad and brother. Even if they did win. Out of all of his achievements he couldn’t stop them from dying. He’s a perpetual Phoenix story, and I think that’s my favorite part of the character.

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I’d have gone with Baird initially but ever since Gears 3 I’ve been a massive Cole fan then on. The Cole Train is the best hands down and I wish I jumped on the train a lot sooner. WOOOOOOOO!

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Marcus is my favorite.

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I couldn’t even tell why.

The Cole-train runs on whole grain!