Del's Ultimate Ability

I’ve noticed that some Dels are able to summon four Deebee trackers rather than two when they use their ultimate, is this a glitch or does this happen once the character reaches a certain skill level?

I think it’s a glitch
Since I played and sometimes gives me two or three.
Besides the whole horde it’s glitchy .

PD:Worst ultimate ever.

Ultimates as a whole are buggy, infinite Drop Shields and Holograms from the Halo characters, had a Marcus with Infinite Living Legend as well, if 4 trackers was the least of the exploitable bugs concerning Ultimates that’d be pretty minor, they’re not terribly useful.

Eh a Troll using Emile’s Ultimate can be far worse since it can end up being actively harmful, at least he gets them back quickly to compensate would prefer if he summoned something a bit more useful maybe 2 Shepards bare minimum that lasted until they died (letting your ultimate go back on cooldown immediately after summoning them instead of staying in the active phase where it isn’t cooling down since Shepards wouldn’t be woefully useful either judging by the AI bot’s usefulness or rather lack of usefulness)

Kats ult is like the one thing she has over Del. I’ll take a decoy over 2 metal balls that barely hurt the enemy when they get double health.

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