Delivery Driver Mac Nationality Question

Does he have a British :uk:

I think its in order to give DDM a skin dressed in scottish garments like William Wallace… more than a couple of thousand people would pay for that.

I think this is a missed business oportunity for TC.

God that movie was depressing.

Its a Scottish accent for sure, Tho to be honest, the cog universe is different than our own, its not exactly a real place, like how Russians aren’t really Russian they are the UIR.

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I mean, his voice actor is definitely doing a Scottish accent. But, teeeeechnically… Mac is from Bravelle, Tyrus.
So, his canonical nationality is Tyran lol. In fact, most Gears characters are Tyran.

With the exception of people like Paduk who is Gorasnian, Fahz who’s Vasgari, Sam who’s Kashkuri and Tai, Lahni & Bernie who are South Islanders.
I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I know.

Tldr: Scottish/Tyran lmao

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we could say then that DDM its from Tyran however if he would visit us on Earth his nationality would be from Scotland hhahaha :smile: lol

He definitely has a Scottish accent but I believe he was actually born in Nigeria


Spoilers ahead.

Mac’s backstory was vaguely fleshed out in the Hivebuster comics (can recommend). He was from a valley from the city of Bravelle (might have been born in Croya, unclear, but they raised statue of him there so maybe), He was the “product” of an affair between his uncle Donald (restaurant owner, cook) and his mother.

He was the best delivery driver in the valley, and has award statue of him at the Croya Square. No military background. He hooked up with Amanda (another driver) and they had a son Dillon living in a house in Bravelle. They did split up but were friends. Amanda and his uncle were killed right in from of him by Locust. In his dreams, Mac sees Dillon being snatched by Locust.


I don’t care about his nationality, I just want my packages on time.

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Hi @Crazyjacknuts

I’ve heard that due of popularity of Delivery Driver Mac, AMAZON has been in talks with THE COALITION and would like to use him as a mascot for all the marketing purposes.

the goal of them would be dressed DDM with a AMAZON JUMPSUIT and put him on all amazon boxes .

I think that could be beneficial for both the game and amazon.


They should make all amazon drivers dress code as DDM and speak with a scottish accent.


True, but the ‘Russian’ characters like Paduk are Gorasnian.
Gorasnia being a nation in the Union of Independent Republics.

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