Delay with different controller scheme's / remappings

[All of these scenarios are from when I played classic-alt mapped. A = LB | LB = A.]

When you bounce on default, it’s feels good.

  • Barely any delay when bouncing.
  • Long slide range.
  • Consistent bouncing.
  • No “cooldown” when trying to bounce.

On a different controller scheme (mapped):

  • Delay on certain bounces.
  • Unreliable bounce range.
  • Inconsistent bouncing.
  • Nasty cooldown.


I noticed this issue back in Gears 4. If you play on a mapped scheme, you can get a delay when trying to slide to cover. You can look directly at cover, move your analog stick towards it, but for some reason, you cannot bounce to it.

[Bounce Range]

This is one of the more annoying issues with different mapped schemes. The bounce that seems to be the worst is side-to-side bouncing. If you want to test it, play Dam, run to the Longshots’ spawn, and try side-to-side bouncing in-between the pillars on mapped classic-alt vs your default scheme. It is much more inconsistent / difficult.

Camera bouncing seems to have a bit less range, but nothing even compared to side-to-side bouncing.


Example: If you quickly tap your bounce button, and miss a bounce. you can’t bounce for 1 - 2 seconds. It will not allow you to initiate another bounce unless you look at another surface or something other than what you were originally trying to bounce on. You can see how this is an issue.

No matter who you are, if you try to bounce at someone /at something and you magically miss a bounce because of the scheme’s doodooness, it will irritate you.

I can’t be the only person noticing this as someone recently made a thread about delay on classic-alt, I believe.

I’ve also had people back when the Gears of War 4 forum post were alive agreeing with me because I made a post about it back then as well.

I’d honestly like if someone could make a in-depth delay on each scheme like how this user did with input lag in general:

If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, put on the scheme I use, with the button I use, and bounce around for 30 minutes. You will not have as good of a time as you do with your default scheme. Obviously, because it’s different than your normal, but you will notice a delay, stutters, 100%.

Here’s the example of the classic-alt delay. Look at the controller when I bounce.

Good post. I have noticed this issue myself. I play on Tournament control scheme. Occasionally for sh*ts and giggles I button remap Classic-Alt to Tournament and see if it helps me play any better. Mostly I find that it doesn’t . When I remap Classic-Alt I find that my slide/ bounce range increases and I enter slides that I normally wouldn’t be able to do in Tournament. I feel movement feels a bit more fluid , though with less overall control of it.

I think bouncing might be a bit easier in some respects with the Classic-alt remapping. I’m not an all-pro bouncer so this is just my take on it.

The sh*tty trade off for the more fluid movement, the Gnasher delay is really bad. I find that in Gnasher fights , I’ll bounce or slide and while clearly pressing the trigger many times, no shots are coming out. It’s as if my character is in some point of the character animation where my character won’t shoot. So essentially I’m just evading sometimes without being able to fire. AS recently as least week I decided to try it again and after a few matches I went back to Tournament as I was getting chunked after not being able to fire my Gnasher when I wanted.

So yeah, it’s a real thing and just another bug in a long list of bugs in this game.

I agree with you on everything :smile:

I noticed the gnasher delay, but since I haven’t played on default, I can’t say for sure if the gnasher delay is only on other schemes, or on all schemes.

It sucks they have a feature for people who feel more comfortable with other ways of using a controller, only to poop in their face when they try to use a different scheme because it has many disadvantages.

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It would be cool if other folks who play on different control schemes/ remapping could chime in. I’m only aware of the Classic Alt to Tournament remapping Gnasher delay.

It’s bizarre that you can gain actual in -game advantages/ disadvantages based on the control scheme you choose. This game still has so many bugs and odd quirks it’s mind boggling.

I believe the reason for the scheme issues from 4 being in Gears 5 is because of them just copying the feature over with minor tweaks when needed.

I doubt they went back through and re-did the entire system, hence why we still have the same issue as we did in 4.

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Thanks. I didn’t know these same issues were present in Gears 4.