Delay in shooting around corners?

Anyone notice that when you shoot the gnasher around a corner there is almost a full second delay before the gun actually fires? I don’t remember it always being this way.


I don’t know about other Gears games but 4 has been that way and it’s just another nonsensical, clumsy mechanic in the game.


Do you mean blindfiring?

most likely, blind firing in cover is so dumb unless you back A

Yeah the fact that blindfiring has a delay but slapshotting doesn’t just annoys tf out of me. Some of the mechanics in this game need to be removed. Namely back As, reaxion shots and slapshots.


omg dudes i was sick and then i came back on the thursday of the raam challange. my god i wass 99.9 in gold tier 3 i am now like 20 percent. gears has its ups and down but ny god uts been bad for me lije two weeks. i use to laugh when i heard pleople complain i am not laughing now. and the xp is so inconsisent i am glad i am not crazy.

I like the speed in gears 4 but I’ve been said there are way too many delays…u used to roadie run and pull trigger to shoot as soon as u come out of roadie running…old gear heads no what I mean from days of g1-g3 but gears 4 u have a good full second or 2 after u come out of a roadie run where the trigger doesn’t do anything where as even in UE it’s an instant shot out of roadie run