Del Walker Best Horde Loadout?

Hey everyone,

So me and my boys have been successfully running Masters lately. I have a ridiculously good Jack (18), JD (17), and Kait (17)…My Del is pretty good too and I want to start engineering more. I was curious on what everyone feels about his best loadout?

Currently I have efficient fabrication, ingenuity, reinforced fabrication, best friends, and flow.

Do I go to the Legendary at 16. Please give me some input.

Thanks ahead of time.

Mr Sigg

Del’s cards (click here)

I use:

  • Healing Repair - For Stim and repairing Barriers while very close to enemies. Can avoid one shot down.

  • Efficient Fabrication - Changes Level 1 Forge price to 6,000 at beginning. Can make a difference in how early you can set up.

  • Overclocked Locker - To help JD and team mates to regenerate ammo quickly and whole team.

  • Ingenuity - No restriction version of Best Friends. To speed up repairs.

  • Reinforced Fabrication - Helps strengthen Level 1 Barriers so Level 2 aren’t needed and allows Sentries to tank Boomshot explosion on Master.

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I have wanted to try it out. But I think it’s better to be more versatile rather than have one aspect speeded up.

Thank you very much!

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Citation needed.

Have Laceration and Blood resonance maxed out. Bosses melt. Cloak batteries as a last resort in case the squad goes down or there’ s a bunch of elite drones that need to be assassinated. Custom gnasher combined with Blood resonance puts it at +200% overall damage. The overkill being at +170%…and last but not least shotgun speed loaders. It sounds like a weird card but it actually widens the active reload bar. It’s an instant active reload every time. Yes you still go down a lot as Kate . But with Jack it doesn’t matter. You are dishing 5-7 mill of damage depending on how good of a player you are.

At Lv17? Are you THE RNGesus?

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I would recommend swapping Shotgun Speed Loaders for Chain. That way, you can play offensively with Cloak Duration and meatshielding / executing.

I used to have Shotgun Speed Loaders but if you’re the kind of person that scores perfect active reload nearly every time, then this card doesn’t seem needed. It doesn’t let you activate perfect active reload earlier than normal. The window is just lengthened to last longer than normal.

For Del think about what type of base you build. I like armor plating instead of a health card. I like barriers to be as tough as possible.

If you are using sentries to do most of the work, you might swap out for efficient sentry.

In my experience Del builds a tough, cheap base. That’s his strength, so I play that meta.


Also I believe it depends on if you have Baird on your team because he has some really good cards that complement Del’s. His global overlock for lockers works on all lockers not just the ones Del buys. Yes it stacks with Del’s overclock but I think Del’s max percentage isn’t that high, and it might be worth freeing his card slot up for something else.

This is why I’m desperate to have Horde Frenzy or something like it, in custom lobbies. so there is time to actually set up a game exactly how you want it instead of chancing it in public MM.

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Good points.

You could build a heck of a sentry defense between the both with the right cards.

Honestly, I never really noticed. Seeing as most cards do who do the same thing I just assumed it and combined the two! But like @ektope mentioned why have both when one has a restriction.

For Del I personally use:

Efficient Fabrication
Healing Repair
Reinforced Fabrication
Armor Plating

I personally choose not to use any of the repair speed boosting cards. My teams run with JACK and they need time to gather and smelt weapons anyway, which typically gives me enough time to repair stuff anyway. On later waves where the enemy does more damage it can be tougher, but by that point we normally have lots of money anyway so JACK shifts from smelting duty to repair duties instead.

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LMAO, maybe I over exaggerated a bit on excitement. Laceration is 5 and BR is still 4 I just checked. But I do a lot of Frenzys! I got lucky with those cards.

It does stack. I did it on a frenzy master at beginning of op 3 and it repaired so fast I had nothing to do most of the game lol