Del-The Foundation (ADV Horde Cards/Tactics) by Hu1k Daddy

Hello all,

This is my second character breakdown for Horde. If you haven’t checked out my other guides, please feel free to do so.

Del, is quite frankly the foundation due to all the late rounds and ease of play runs through him. Now there are strong characters in the game for sure, but Del is a needed character for a full run. Now, all this is put together after maxing out Del and playing with him on Elite to Master Difficulty. So, without further adieu, lets get this started.

General Playstyle and Early Levels

Del is about support. If you are not a support type of player then playing as Del maybe difficult for you. Now, for the first tip that I see a lot people do wrong-building sentry’s. Ok, so when you are in the first ten waves of a match, for the love of God, don’t build a sentry before building anything else. So many Del players do this and is beyond frustrating and dumb.

When you start up a Horde game or are joining one as Del, check your players. If you have a Jack with you and the game is still early or just started, save up for the Forge. Now, of harder difficulty’s you may want to get some barrier’s up (no more than level two) before the forge just so you all don’t die. However, in most cases getting that forge going is your top to do priority. Once you get that forge to level 4, then focus on two things. Barrier’s and Ammo Lockers. You simply cannot be a selfish player when playing as Del, as the whole team is relying on you to help them out, just as they are helping you with power.

With that in mind, lets look at some great early skills you can apply.

*Ingenuity, Reinforced Fabrication, Rootkit, Score Boost

This will be what your looking at for about Rank 5. You can choose any of these 3 and be ok. But if you want to level quickly then the Score boost can help, as it does give you more Exp as well at the end of the run.

Mid Level Playstyle

Alright, so you got some matches under you and kind of got a feel for how Del works. Good on ya!

Now you may have seen the occasional other players who buy things and build them when they can clearly see you are playing as Del. It kind of leaves you with that, WTF are you doing mentality. Well just remember, that’s how other players can feel towards a Del who build’s a sentry on wave 3. So lets just chill and work together with everyone playing their characters role’s.

Once you get to around level 9, the cards you unlock really start to get better and will help you more on the harder difficulty’s.

A good mix of cards on level 9 would look like this:

*Ingenuity, Reinforced Fabrication, Overclocked Locker, Flow, Armor Plating

This set will allow you to consistently keep your structures strong while also helping your team with the Ammo lockers regining ammo faster. With Flow on, you can keep repairing while taking damage as it will reduce all damage while doing so. You can actually even run this set on harder difficulties with good successes, but there are better cards still in store for you.

High Level Playstyle

All right, you did it. You have played with Del for awhile now and you have made many other players game more enjoyable and fun. Also, you probably have gotten a ton of new friend requests in the process by doing such a great job. You should celebrate as it gets even more fun from here.

Now in my opinion, Del’s best cards are achieved at rank 11 , as the other cards gained from this point are more or less not needed. Long range resistance, yea you still go down in one shot on the harder difficulties. Overload, yea that’s about impossible on really hard diff. with a very small benefit.

So for my personal preference card set would be this at rank 11-12.

*Ingenuity, Reinforced Fabrication, Overclocked Locker, Efficient Fabrication, and Custom Robotics

Now since you are a seasoned vet of a Del player the last Card selection you maybe wondering, why? Well I have found that since you are playing support and not building sentry’s all over the damn map. You kinda need to help kill stuff, right? I mean your team is doing there best, shouldn’t you try and help as well?

The Custom Robotics Card is pretty cool. This adds a bonus to not only the Enforcer and Overkill, but also the RL and the Tri-Shot. You have Marcus Posted up with his ULT on and you with this TRI Shot. Yea Wardens die almost instantly with this.

I have also come across a weird thing that when using this card with a Tri-Shot, Del’s ULT regins hella fast. I had two ULT’s pop in the same wave round. Now this maybe something else causing this but it didn’t happen before using this card.

Now, for some closing thoughts and additional help.

When on a Boss wave and a Matriarch spawns, grab all your Fortifications and replant them to show RED. They will be undamaged while they are in this state and wont have to be repaired when you place them back in a BLUE state.

If a Jack is playing and its at the End of the round. Help him if you can by grabbing the Forge and Carry it around with him as he Smelts Weapons. It’s faster and easier, but sometimes this is not an option if you have a lot of repairing to do.

If you have a good team, try and get a weapons locker for each player. Level 3 should be fine for any player, while a level 4 will be needed for a JD player. (Check my JD guide to see why)

On higher levels get Sentry’s of course. The Shock sentries are great in long range situations and against Snipers, Bastions, Juvies and especially Leeches.

Ok that about sums up everything. I hope this can help you out and of course these sets are designed for players playing in random pub matches. If you find a better set, let it be known below.

If any questions, post them here. Good Luck Gears!



I have one thing to add. In certain areas instead of placing one fence sideways its better to place multiple fences longways to create a box . This is probably common knowledge but I didn’t find out till this gears cause I mostly play with friends.


Thank man! Appreciate the input.

These are awesome, keep them coming!

Very good guide.

I was playing Del on exhibit last night and my priority is always weapon lockers and barriers. There was a Kat and she put a sentry boxed in behind a barrier close to each spawn (we set up up top), and it was real effective and distracting for the enemy. I set up a couple of shock sentrys shooting downstairs and when the wardens came they seemed to really stall them.

Also a couple of decoys boxed in behind a barrier also worked well.

One thing i noticed- the heavy weapons kept disappearing, there is another thread that says there is a bug, but i had 4 level 4 weapons lockers running.

Hu1kDaddy - I look forward to your Kait guide, because i dont know her best card set up, i dont really understand the stims, and im not too sure about her best ultimate (invisible ) strategy - Im just using her as a shot gunner.


I have played a fair amount of horde but I am still wondering a little about the forge for Jack.

How much power does it actually generate compared to its cost?

I have sometimes build one that Jack does not even use, I have sometimes build one that Jack uses but not always do I see a huge increase in power, maybe due to Jacks skill cards?

I have also skipped building one and sometimes the power is still enough because of maintained power taps and players depositing power. Then there is also the aspect that if you are building the forge for Jack he will have to focus a lot on melting guns instead of zapping enemies or healing fortifications and players.

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Very nice, juicy info. Thanks for the insightful post. :v:

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I like seeing posts like this, where people try to help others with insight and info. GJ OP.


To bad these posts tend to disappear amongst all the hate in this forum.


The forge is not to be under estimated. Jacks smelting bonus really helps. At lvl 1 no smelting bonus I think an ordinary gun gives 20 energy. That’s not much but remember that’s 20 energy for all human players on your team. So 1 gun gives 100 energy in total. Explosive weapons seem to give double. At like lvl 4 and a max smelting bonus Jack can get up to like 230-470 a gun. Multiply that by 5 and that’s the amount of energy your getting. A good jack with a lvled up forge, the team doesn’t need to take the power taps. It’s even faster when you use the “Plant in Red” trick. I put the forge right where the enemy spawns but on a spot that’s red so it isn’t actually planted. When the dying is done I pick it up, plant it properly, smelt all the guns near it then put it back.


This is cool, should get its own section in this forum.

Until then:
Maybe an own thread where all your char analysis is put in, one post per character? Otherwise we have to search for different threads…

Good work, man. Very appreciated!

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Okay,so one could almost say that you can use the forge instead of the taps if your team dont care to much about running aroud the map? And if you have a levelled up forge AND mantain all the taps you have power enough to take you through the waves well without problem.

Thing is I dont want to spend hard earned power on something that will not be used. I have also seen, when playing as someone else than Del, that Jack himself builds a forge. Maybe that is a good way to do it? If he want one, and is going to use one, he builds one.

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I’ve seen engineers not build forges for Jack and I see this as a grave mistake. You don’t want Jack to build the forge because he doesn’t get a discount but if no one builds one I’ve made a forge as Jack. When Jack has a smelting bonus and he learns to put the forge closer to the weapons it pays off pretty quick. The problem I see if some Jacks don’ want to smelt at all or they put the forge way in the back of their base. All that travel time is counter productive.


Much Appreciated. A Kait guide will be coming and it may help out. I tend to not make a guide until I am able to max the character so I can give the best guide possible. Im very close with her so look for it next week :slight_smile:


Thanks, great strategy…I wish TC would fix kat and give her some of Del’s cards…


Genius. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that

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Hey, Glad the guide was helpful :slight_smile:

Great guide, this matches up with how I play Del. I also see too many people buying too many sentries or never buying a forge or weapon lockers. The sentries aren’t nearly as good as they were in Gears 4, and the team could needs weapon lockers more than they did in Gears 4 since ammo is so scarce in Gears 5.

You are right, you can get by on the early waves with either nothing or just a few barriers until you get your forge.

One tidbit, other players building a few fortifications isn’t that bad in the longrun, or can even be better than you doing it on later waves. The cost for building goes up depending on how many fortifications that player has built, so it can get to the point where it’s actually cheaper to build as characters other than the engineer.


My Del playstyle includes getting the entire team to donate first.

I buy the forge first. get it to lvl. 4 immediately. this can be done in about 7-8 waves.
Then i get a lvl. 4 weapon locker up.
Then i get lvl. 2 fences up on all entry points.
Weapon locker lvl. 4 for another character.
Then i build a few more fences. stack them side by side. maybe even criss cross a few depending on the size of the entry point.

I got lvl. 4 shock sentries the rest of the match. maybe another locker if needed. may stick a couple decoys out if the firing lanes are held correctly by the team. but i want a dozen lvl. 4 shock sentries going off while the marcus, jd, sarah connor, kait, etc. lay waste.nothing outside of leeches should even sniff your fences. you can also keep shock sentries back a ways due to the range. this allows for them not being destroyed by the warden jump attack.

once again, this all depends on your team and if they deposit or not.


Good point Galactia.

Thanks for adding.

“The cost for building goes up depending on how many fortifications that player has built, so it can get to the point where it’s actually cheaper to build as characters other than the engineer.”

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