Del rockstar skin

I’m unsure were the code is for the del skin you have to get at circle k if someone has a extra code or can clarify were to get it I have already got one from there and no code.

When you check out you would need to enter your cell number on the key pad and get a SMS TXT.


idk why but i got all my can codes from 7 11 and i even got the “Walmart” and “circle K” exclusives from 7 11 cans xD

how do you get the code through the app though?

not sure i am checking. i am drive to Circle K tomorrow so hopefully i figure it out.

ok thanks appreciate it

Did you keep the receipt? maybe on the app you scan the receipt bar code.

I didn’t get one and im not sure u should try it

I just got it via the touch screen they have. You have to buy a marked can then put your number in and it sends your code via text instantly. Now I hope when I redeem it I don’t get the boost like it says I will… I have like 3 cans I don’t drink and I’ll be mad

so you have to put your # in on the pay screen at checkout

Yeah. It wasn’t the credit card screen it was like their own monitor screen. Then it’s just the same website but circle k at the end and you get it for sure

Do you mind getting me a code its the only one I need ,what’s your gamertag

Could someone please help me get this ? My area is admittedly not the best and the closest circle ks are too ignorant regarding the promotion for me to gain any grounds on receiving this skin.