DEL overclocked locker nerfed operation 2?

Someone has happened that OVERCLOCKED LOCKER does not load weapons quickly as before, it is a mistake or it was nerfed? its not in the UPDATE 3 PATCH NOTES in what’s up GEARS

Just tested this and yes they have done something. My lvl 4 locker with overclock use to take about 54 seconds. Now it takes about 1 minute 40

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Baird has a perk that does something similar but the demon is in the details. He has a perk that says “Speeds up all lockers by 20%” whatever. I’m doing this from memory. I wonder. Does that mean any locker even if he was not the one to build/upgrade it?
Watch. TC shadow nerfed Dels locker perk and Del and Baird combined restores it to regular.

Silent horde nerfs are pathetic.

What is it with TC wanting us to starve for ammo in horde in 5? It’s getting me really angry at this stage.

It was never an issue in 4. The whole mode is about shooting stuff, stop trying to limit our ammo TC, it takes all the fun out of it.

You start with like 52 bullets with the ammo card as a sniper in gears 4. In 5, you start with a measly 12 or something, raising to about 20 with a maxed ammo capacity perk. That decision is just ridiculous, to put it nicely.

Let’s not forget that a full ammo box gives you something ludicrous like 3 bullets for the sniper rifle. Absolutely pathetic.

Horde is about having fun TC. You’re extremely outnumbered and need ammo to fend off the horde. Don’t even get me started on Fahzs “overhaul” and “buffs” in this update. It’s a bit better, but calling it an overhaul was a huge stretch.

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I made a thread stating don’t get our hopes up. Tweaking the numbers isn’t what I call an overhaul or rework. Hell, Baird has some perks that feel like they should have gone to Fahz.

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Hi Ryan, I think this should be addressed as you stated before , you told me " that things went to far on the ammo side " , The game as it is its boring and unplayable with the ammo scarcity all over the place on the game, Once again Gears of War its not " a survival game " its a shooting game and the game as it is its a dumbed down version of any shooting game you can mention right now…

I think Ryan its important to state whether this is gonna be fixed or not, since if its not a lot of us wouldn’t have a need to continue supporting this game.

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