Del Medal > Horde

So I have been playing a crap ton of Del, and I am only barely making a dent in the Del medal, is there anyway that fortification upgrades can also count towards the progress, otherwise I’ll have to play about 100 30+ wave matches of Horde for this. Or does anyone have tips towards this?

Start on wave 50, build barriers until you run out of power. Exit and repeat.


Exactly what I did. Goes by really fast.


And if on PC, make a macro for it to just press

E, Enter, V

V is what I use to place fortifications. And E is what I use for interaction, but I believe the default is F. Swap those with whatever keys you use and it’ll be good.

Also, you don’t need to move your character or turn around or anything. Stand sideways at the fab (maybe facing it works too, idk) and then press those 3 keys and it places a barrier.

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