Del&Kat only ones with any engineer skills

Del and Kat are said to be both engineer class(who can build a base),so does this mean theres no other char that can build anything base related.

Other chars can build base related items as well, but they are very limited and don’t have the ability to upgrade them like Del or Kat. For Example JD can build a Lvl 1 Sentry and Lvl 1 Fortifications but that’s it…no upgrade.

There are not that many characters yet. I’m sure there will be more engineers. Baird, probably. Dizzy. Give it time.

A backward step to say the least…pubs is a shitshow…custom is slowly heading that way…so if u have 3 players and u want a private game…one if u has to play del because of the restrictive class and locked fabricator…to say the numpties at tc royally fcked up a once great game mode…is putting it mildly.

I just started working on the cog soilder and to my surprise he/she have quite a few neat perks and fab possibiltes,like fencing,weapons locker,frags,lancer,snub,gnasher,retro lancer,repair tool.Now this is a great character class the varity of what this class can do make this a very good multiperpose class.

COG soldier is a great Horde character, cards are great team support ones and its ultimate of getting every one back from downed (inc yourself) is a great second chance for the team

This decision really ■■■■■■ up Horde. I can’t even count the amount of times the only engineer in the game quit, essentially rendering that run a total bust. And while we’re on the topic of quitting…

Not being able to have two of the same characters is a major reason for quitting. Two players pick JD, game starts, one of them is forced to play as character not yet selected so they quit once the game starts. It’s bloody ■■■■■■■ annoying.

I swear, with some of the threads you create that it’s like you have never played the game before! :joy:

Agree…its a mess but we’re stuck with it

Well i have seen alot of different questions about gears games here,that could make one wonder just what others have and haven’t done or know or don’t know.So i’m not alone here.

Does it revive dead players or just pick up DBNO? Does it free people from the snatcher?

BTW…Where does sarah conner stand with fab options?I haven’t had time to work on her yet.

I believe it is DBNO , and do not know re snatcher

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