Del dies in Act 1, Chapter 3 (This is War) before the checkpoint on Inconceivable, therefore destroying the campaign

The checkpoint is back in Act 1, Chapter 2 (Diplomacy) and therefore seems to constantly load us into an empty space. We tried loading previous checkpoints, returning to lobby, selecting chapter 3 manually and loading it up, swapping characters, changing host (this makes it even worse since you’ll land in Act 2, last chapter or something with Kait and a Pipe in your hand), nothing works. I guess the only solution is to play this chapter twice, with Del being on a lower difficulty.

Did anyone get past this chunk with Del on Inconceivable difficulty? The Juvie attacks before control to the character is given.


Okay but that was pretty funny

Please send this with the video attachment to

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I hope I don’t have to buy a Series X just to make Bighead mode work. That was my most anticipated thing about this campaign update. :open_mouth:

LMAO. Did they not playtest this?


Just did. Hope this can get fixed asap. There’s a couple threads coming up over at reddit too with the same topic. I’d like to complete it the “real” way, not with the cheesy method where someone plays on a lower difficulty. :slight_smile:


Are you really surprised at this point? Just look at all the issues that have appeared when they did the update that broke the Social tab and whatever else it did, which still hasn’t been 100% fixed, even though TC claimed it passed the “cert” process which seems more like a joke as it clearly doesn’t catch things like this and other bugs when it’s supposed to.

You could always have player 2 be Jack but I guess that would also kind of be cheesing it.

I think it’s stupid Juvies would kill you in one hit to start with but this isn’t really a thread to discuss the dos and don’ts of balancing.


I didn’t experience this. I’m currently on Act 3.

Del died!? Good! :smiling_imp:


Playing campaign with a buddy on Incon, and after the Raven crashes and you’re split up, a Juvie instakills Del before you can even take control of the character. Then, after you reload the checkpoint, there is a white screen of death, forcing you to return to the lobby to get the last checkpoint working again. Anyone else experiencing this?

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So Juvies are a one hit kill too? Total BS.

Also, as an fyi, there is a thread already :


I had to switch to Jack. Only way to get past it.

We’re three players, that’s the problem. :slight_smile:

I’d already be questioning my own sanity attempting two player Insane/Incon Campaign coop. But three players?

Of course is something of an issue that way. When I was playing with someone in that section on Insane they also were having trouble because the Juvie would often kill them before they could do much, even if they’re not one hit kills on that difficulty.

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Yup, same here. That’s how I knew this wasn’t new for me. Had much more struggle back then since my friend was a Gears newbie. (And also the stats servers crashed, resetting 50% of the progress)

I feel like the mutators are making it to easy atm. Maybe it changes throughout the campaign.

Also curious about when I get my Jack upgrades.

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I got my previous Jack upgrades during or at the start of chapter 3.

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That’s… that’s… inconceivable!




I have just started a Co-Op game on the Campaign, Insane Difficulty and having this issue with the Del scene Act 1 Chapter 3 but it isn’t exactly like the video. Literally soon as you restart there is no cutscene it puts you straight into the action and juvie is already near Del and kills him and it ends and it all happens within seconds. Restarted Checkpoint happened again.

Anyone found a way around this yet?

Same as the rest of the campaign, Host plays on Incon, Kait and Del Beginner. Guests rejoin on incon just before the chapter ends and everyone gets Incon-progression.

inb4 someone accuses me of cheating.

If TC can’t be bothered playtesting their difficulty I can’t be bothered as well.