Del-Baird-Jack HORDE Domination

What up what up, some of you may know I usually always post asking for tips because I am a huge Horde fan and always looking for ways to get me and my boys better.

So here is an awesome combination for a double Engineer Master run;

Healing Repair
Efficient Fabrication
Reinforced Fabrication
Best Friends (Stacks with Ingenuity and Complements Jack)

Healing Upgrade
Healing Reach
Explosive Hijack
Repair Speed (Complements Del Best Friends)

Global Overclock
Precision Repairs
Global Sentry Upgrade
Bloody DR1
Experimental Weapons

You are going to want Del to do all of the building. Except for the first few barriers. Building Lockers and Sentrys with Del complements Bairds cards amazing.
You will have plenty of money with Jack. I can go on and on. …But I want you guys to experiment it for yourself and let me know.

Final thoughts…

The final two spots on the team:

Personally I think Lizzie and JD would be best. Lizzie cold finish barriers situated with Dels reinforced is a deadly combo for any small enemies and even large ones get held back while you cream them. Kait is another great option as well. I think anyone could run a master with the trio I just made!

Good luck and keep me posted.

Your boy,

Mr. Siggg