Default vs Alt remap video

Hey folks,

I put together a quick video showing a deconstruction of the differences between default and alt-remap controls.

Hopefully it helps a few people with making the choice one way or the other.


Hi Ryan @N0DEZER0 Ill give a watch of course.

Thanks for all the help provided and your time towards my opinion on the game… Looking forward for OP2 and really hope you can fix the discussed before like the ammo on horde…and the skill cards for ammo increase capacity on the guns…

Thanks again for your time and I really think you have a real feeling towards making this game great.

Kind Regards and thanks again for this level of interaction with you , I appreciated it.

Daniel Zuniga.

@N0DEZER0 A warning for remapping controls like this:

Active reloads will simply fail to trigger about 30% of the time unless you fully depress the reload button, tapping wont work if you rebind alt classic to have run/cover set to LB.

Any plans to have the roadie stafe be like it was in gears 4?

We are working on new tuning over right now. What did you like about 4?

The roadie run start up animation was faster, you could also change directions instantly, in 5 there’s a delay before the run starts and you must wait until the pawn’s head is up before you can change directions.

It makes it difficult to strafe shots since it’s generally slower to move


Interesting, I like the “preferred slide” option a lot more. It seems like that would be more effective in a close situation from your example imo

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Been playing default but thought I’d give this a shot. Crisper slides and no more accidentally rolling into walls. Thanks! :+1:

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are you aware of the reports of shooting miss-fires and reloads not activating when using this hybrid control scheme? multiple youtube comments have stated this

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Can we stop @ spamming Node/the devs? He’s the author of the thread lol


@mike_yaworski that is a good idea @mike_yaworski


The reload problem is here since like the release of the game, and even sometimes (very rare) after switching weapons the character reload without any reason, and it often fcks you up.

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I like the idea of being able to choose slide/run behavior in any control scheme so we don’t have to remap classic alt to get more responsive cover slides. Remapping causes a lot of problems in stuff like horde, and it’s a pain to swap back and forth constantly.

What I’d love to see is the ability to separate rolling from roadie run and cover sliding. Classic alt separates cover sliding from running and rolling. While this definitely has merit, it feels very unnatural to those accustomed to the all-in-one default and tournament control schemes. I strongly predict that having a button just for rolling would be a lot easier to adjust to for the vast majority of the player base.

Considering that this can already be done on mouse and keyboard from the get-go, I don’t see why this can’t be an option on controller. Mouse users already enjoy an enormous natural aiming advantage, I don’t see why TC has opted to give them artificial advantages in the form of more control options.

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Please just make it so we can dodge shots and not side so dang slow u to the fun out of the game. My heart use to pound as I played like was truly in a sport. Moving pysically now it’s just boring. Bring back that intensity

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I will look into it.

I’ve seen a few issues. They’ve been logged. thanks

We will review the slide speed.

Thank u and keep up the good work much appreciated enjoying the game over all

Nice! Looking forward to the simple omen video! :slightly_smiling_face:

That toggle would be nice but I wish the remap feature didn’t cause all this mess. I need my fast responsive movement while I wallbounce but I don’t want to have to choose between that and roadie run strafing. Wish it could go back to Gears 4’s fluid and unrestrictive movement. I’m literally fighting delays and broken movement rather than fighting other players. Very frustrating

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Damn i just wanted to change controlls for ToD2 so this REALLY helps!
Ps. Does the alt double A control also erase miss rolls or do I get this wrong?