Default control scheme vs Alternative control schemes

Recently I’ve been experimenting with different control schemes and playstyles in an attempt to find the best and most reliable. What do you guys use and think is the greatest method of playing Gears? I consider myself a novice Claw Default player

Claw with Tourney Alt.

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I play default with an Elite Controller w/ one paddle.

Claw seems like it would get painful after a while.


Default Claw w/ Omni Off


Classic Alt Claw (optionally could use paddles)

I don’t like tournament because LB is a trash button on Xbox controllers. Alternate and default both have advantages and I won’t say one is strictly better than the other. Alternate players have very intimidating playstyles that make them difficult to hit. On the other hand, misrolling is a huge advantage in Gears 4 because you take cover in the middle of the roll if you hold A.

You can choose to believe me or not, but I have proof of this: misrolling on alternate has a MUCH longer delay before you can take cover than on default.

Misroll on alternate = you’re dead
Misroll on default = you get a BS kill

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Whatever works for you. That’s what’s best.
I found myself addicted to trying different schemes because it kept the game from getting boring. I ended up with a complex controller + mouse and keyboard on classic alt with all sorts of rebinds. Not the most efficient but it was fun and made certain actions beastly.

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Classic alt user since a month after gears 4 released

took me a good 2 weeks to be comfortable with muscle memory as I have played default in every other title

Well worth the switch in my opinion I roll when I choose now

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I use an elite controller. Tournament scheme is turned on in settings as this is what I played before the elite controller. But have LB mapped to left paddle and A (tac com) mapped to right.

This allows me to play as if I were claw. It also gives complete freedom of movement while using tac com. With tournament, I couldn’t turn my character while pressing A at the same time. That was super inconvenient for me as I use tac com probably more than most.

If I could go back I probably would put more effort into claw just for simplicity sake. Holding my hand that way doesn’t bother me. It’s my aim that suffers.

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Hello friends I have decided to attempt to master Classic-Alt with only a default Xbox controller no fancy extra buttons or remapping. Already it’s a struggle so if you see me out there looking like a potato please don’t judge :sweat_smile:

@mike_yaworski Thanks for your thoughts Mike. The LB and RB buttons are why I switched to claw in the first place they are extremely unreliable especially in Gears where players hit the strafe button hundreds of times in a single match. The A B X Y buttons are very durable

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I played Default for years since Gears 1. But I hated the fact that my bouncing was slow as hell… That’s why I switched over to Classic Alt (using Razor Wildcat with 2 triggers on the back. One for taking cover/bounching. The other one for roadie running) I tried playing Claw but that didn’t worked for me…

Every I hear people talking about playing claw I think of this




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Haha… Well Red there’s a reason we talk about it and that reason is it’s one of the most effective ways of playing Gears long term I would actually say it is THE best way.