DeeBees as playable character in Horde

I get that the Deebee can’t be in Escape, so why not horde.

I get that the Deebee units could get turned into rejects by leaches and “The Flock” but still why not have a Deebee as a character other than Arcade and as a simple skin in other versus game modes. So, here is my idea of how the Deebee should work out as a character in horde.


Summon a Little Deebee drop pod (The deebees act as an AI or as a res pawn location that you don’t need to pick up COG Tags to revive.) at designated location.


Damage you take slowly recharges ultimate. (Notice I didn’t say X-Ray because Fahz has that perk as an ultimate)

Did anyone notice that neither Baird’s DR1 or Del’s Trackers get consumed by the Flock and or Leaches, I know it is an ability, but this is related to topic of the reason why we should have Deebees in horde.

I have a thought of a 25% Chance of a Guilded Deebee, Guilded Lizzie, Guilded COG Gear, orGuilded Clayton in the next Operation. (I didn’t say any Swarm/Locust Characters because typically they are Blood Red.)

So, The Coalition what is wrong with you to not add Deebees to horde or not have playable characters in horde and only in arcade in the first place…

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