Deebee/Jinn bot for PvE

For some reason, I just really like the Deebee character and since their release I wanted to see them in PvE. And when operation 4 launched, the coalition said they hoped to release ALL cog characters into PvE, and I’m really hoping they do add the Deebee/Jinn Bot. And with us being halfway through operation 4 (I wish it wasn’t 18 weeks we had to wait for a new operation, but you know the coalition) I was wondering what ability they’d have? Idk if they’re just gonna add classes to choose from for characters without their own abilities , or if they’re gonna give each cog character their own special ability, but I thought it’d be cool if the Deebee’s ability could be to do the pulse from the campaign , marking every enemy in the area and maybe their passive being to deal extra damage to marked enemies. It’d be cool to see it in game, that’s if the coalition were to listen, but if anybody else has ideas, that’d be cool to hear.

Giving players more freedom has been our guiding philosophy in our approach to PvE. Earlier this week, we revealed that in Operation 5 you’ll be able choose whatever character and class you want.

STICKY ■■■■■■■ WHEN?

Honestly OP 5 can’t come soon enough. Horde honestly feels more like a chore to play to me personally and tbh the current selection of characters we have in PVE besides a few, bore the crap outta me. At this point I just hop on gears to do my daily’s and hop off.

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Yeah, sometimes I do feel the same way, I’m just throwing ideas for what they could do, with so many recent cog characters not being in PvE, there are so many possibilities.

At most in OP 5 we’ll see 1 new class or none at all and some in a later OP. But every cog character will be playable. Honestly OP 4 just bums me out because the only character PVE players got this OP was Paduk and TC knows damn well everyone wanted Dom. There’s nothing wrong with Paduk I love that character but he would’ve never have been my first pick if I had to pick who got launched this OP. They’ve probably could’ve released two characters this OP anyway but whatever.

But if you noticed a pattern most of the playable characters for PVE are almost all the campaign cast which mean they’ve probably these abilities on the board for a while. Still doesn’t make this experience (currently) any less stale. #BringBackTheLocust

I just want Benny boi to be able to go ham with a Scorcher!

That’d be epic, the scorcher was a fun weapon. Of all weapons, why’d they get rid of the scorcher?

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Honestly can’t wait to use the DBs in horde, hopefully they at least bring back some DB skins from GoW4 to pad its selection out a bit, the Deadeye and DR-1 skins don’t really stand out as much sadly.

Gilded DB when?

If people were more patient every character has their own ultimate but no…

I’m gonna press x to doubt on that one. Something tells me they don’t want to have to make a new ultimate from the ground up with every new character released. Either that or they’ve run out of ideas for the time being and saw people complaining about not being able to play the characters they want how they want as the perfect scapegoat to overhaul the hero system.

I dont think Deebee or Jinnbot will be in horde or escape. That would be the smart move on TCs part.

Well, the saying that was put in the dev stream by Dana was, “What ultimate would you give Bernie?”

I agree with you, there are already 8 CoG characters that dont have a ultimate/class assigned to them, with more characters to come.

Creating a class takes a lot of work anyway, as you have to figure out what the gap in the meta is. There are already 19 classes that are starting to overlap a little in what they offer. I’m no designer, but I’m struggling to find 8 different portions of the meta that may require a class.

This is before we get into any coding work.

Once you get to 20 you are starting to run the risk of making characters redundant.

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They will be in operation 5.