Deebee for Horde/Escape for Operation 3

Deebee should be put in Horde/Escape. It would be so cool running around as our robot friend, killing hordes of enemies like the COG intended it to. I will be going by it’s potential ultimate and why it can be added in Escape.

Its Horde Ultimate can make him summon one Deebee Sheperd. A bad Ultimate alone, but what if there can be a skill card where you level up to have additional Deebee making it 6 shepherds max. This will be a interesting and cool concept to the battlefield.

Escape, where you’re podded and sent to the Hive. Wouldn’t the Deebee be infected? Leeches make the Deebee become rejects. Wouldn’t they be destroyed? COG gears can survive the podding system, when they couldn’t in Gears 4. Anyways breaking the lore, sending a robot to destroy a hive sounds lit.


Too confusing for Horde, considering DeeBees are Horde enemies. MAYBE Escape, but it wouldn’t make sense from a “logic of the universe” perspective.

I mean, why would they were risk human lives if they could just get a DeeBee swallowed and dumped instead? Plus, the DeeBees are courruptable, so there’s that…

Finally, even though you could probably easily tell the difference between them, there are Rejects in Escape as well, which again are too close to a regular DeeBee.

Still, if they did break the lore, Escape could be fun with a DeeBee. But FAR too confusing for Horde. JD’s would be Lancer GL’ing the crap out of their own teammates, :rofl:


The community seems to want it.


You beat me to it.

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I wouldn’t mind it in neither Horde nor Escape(I don’t find it difficult to distinguish between a Reject and a regular DB due to the different running/moving animation, big light on the Reject heads, and all of the gross organic Leech/Swarm bits on it, and in Horde, well, ally DBs are colored blue while enemy DBs(except the Guardian?) are red, so shouldn’t be an issue unless colorblind, in which case… well, I don’t know what the solution to that could be). But I’d prefer they brought other characters to Escape first. You know, Kait, JD(maybe, if TC want to put a Keegan with an instant nuke button and no Resupply but Boomshot damage and extra explosive capacity into Escape), Fahz. Not seeing how Del or Jack belong into it though.


Del could maybe be viable with a DeeBee weapons build.

Maybe beter in escape and the reason why they can bring one deebee if the liches try to make the deebee turn into a reject.

I didn’t realize that had been posted by Ryan on Twitter, so thanks for that!

I know I would personally get confused with friendly DeeBees on the battlefield. Every time a Baird in Horde plays his DR-1, I usually waste a couple of shots on it thinking I’m about to get steamrolled before I realize what’s up, haha!

That poll was quite a while ago, and I never heard anything else about it. Who knows what will happen.

The community wanted a lot of things. TC only listens when it conveniently lines up with their own preferences.


Thought about JD but doesn’t his artillery strike only work outdoors?

Only if there is a ceiling on said outdoors map. Might have to be very low but not sure on that. @anon32088142 might know that better than me. But the artillery strike also works on Exhibit so it definitely doesn’t have to be outdoors.


Jd in escape?

Don’t wake me up with this madness. lol.

Yeah he could probably use it in most rooms though, the ult, he only needs a certain clearance level above. They could probably tweak it internally for escape I bet

I could imagine Good Kill being useful in Escape. Kills near allies dropping pilfer ammo.

Is a man not allowed to think? They did say they had plans to bring the characters over to Escape eventually, the ones that are currently Horde only(they already did with Marcus). Probably is just taking them quite a while due to having to work with them so they’re not totally OP in it… but besides the ult, wouldn’t JD just be a Keegan with more explosive capacity and Boomshot damage? GLs are only on two hives as far as I’m aware so the associated skill to it wouldn’t impact much.

But I had just tagged you to look at the question posed above. Not the rest.

NO! You quit listening to satan!

I knew I shouldn’t have looked at that damn symbol earlier.

The GL wouldn’t be that OP anyway since Keegan’s Venom Explosive Resupply doesn’t refill mortar rounds.

Unless JD gets explosive ammo boxes.

Coming to think of it, there are some in The Clock.

makes it interesting though, I mean I see the issue they’re having, builds are good for escape OR horde in general it seems. Wolf I know they can be balanced but on average lets say?
Could do with just giving characters more cards for each mode?

Which is also one of the easier maps to complete. But you need to be fast to get to the GL(and the path filled with heavy weapons).

Otherwise, I know of it being on The Labyrinth but not many go for it when there is a Salvo available, and on The Detour if you make it to the third saferoom.