DeeBee For Cog Hero!

Anyone else feel that they should of. Given the DB the hero treatment I mean think of the ultimate ability it could have…

Air support: Summons a friendly guardian to assist. DB and it’s allies for a short duration


Yeah. No PVE abilities? Whats the point?

Having a deebee on the cog side make sence they where show as allies early on.

They said it would be confusing but it would be a different color and not just walk in a straight line. Also their is no friendly fire in horde so this is a head scratcher.


what was the reason? lore?

It’s just TC being lazy as usual. If they cared about lore, RAAM wouldn’t be in PvP.

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Kait getting splattered and then respawning seconds later isn’t really lore-friendly either,


Canonically, RAAM is dead and shouldn’t be in PvP if we’re going by TC logic for the deebees not being in Horde.

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Turn into a reject and maul enemies?
Upgrade into the buff DeeBee with increased health and defense?
AOE “self destruct” explosion?
Charm mechanical enemies?

First off I strongly agreed the DeeBee hero should of been given an ultimate ability and playable in horde, so here are some of my points. First off though its not up to me to pick what ability he’ll receive or get, the fact that he wasnt in THE BASE GAME(He has no PvE abilities, the devs mentioned that most of the base characters were removed to be given hero abilities/ultimates, base characters that were seen in the campaign like Baird, Cole, Paduk, etc… are examples I’m assuming.) Is mind boggling. Why was he removed from the base game if earlier footage of gameplay showed him playing on cog side? He isnt even in horde meaning he shouldn’t have been removed so why get our hopes up that he could possibly be in horde only to be released and told "oh due to deebees already existing in horde, Mr DeeBee hero here will not be in there cause, (my assumed problem why)people can mistakenly shoot him oh dear( for the record there is no friendly fire, I can train myself over time to tell the difference between a blue deebee and red deebee(or reject) it’s not that hard unless you’re colorblind, then I’ll understand.

Now… for my second reason, horde isnt cannon or part of the story, it’s a survival mode(waves 1-50 ) for us gear fans to play and have fun, dont tell me that oh the DeeBee hero cant be in horde because there’s already deebee enemies in horde and people can mistaken him as an enemy, or smack me with some lore stuff thinking you’re clever and understand why.
Anyone who’s played jack and used his ability on a deebee in horde can tell you a hijacked deebee moves slower, shoots slower(deadeyes are a great example of slower embar charge up), reloads slower(cause they dont do active reloads folks unless controlled by jack) and even melees slower than a player. What I’m trying to get across is a player controlled deebee character is faster, he will roll jump side to side(something a normal deebee cant do), he can throw grenades, the way he walks, runs, presents himself, heck a WEAPON SKIN is enough to tell that the deebee is a player, high level players pay attention to these details very well(not just skins), yet I do understand TC wanting to cater towards the more casual fans but you removed us from one potential horde character and I love the game, I support it so much, I can say I have blah, blah, blah, 200+ hours, that doesnt matter, I love gears I’m a big fan, that’s all you need to know and that I hate to see us get feed the same content(characters) all over again but I play the game because I love the franchise as a whole and look forward to each new characters ultimate.

Third reason, just for those who say the deebee wouldn’t make a great addition to horde for lore reasons, let me get this straight, PvP isnt cannon either, you have duplicates in pvp, heck General RAAM is long dead yet he’s playable cause people love him! The only thing cannon in gears 5 is the campaign alone, unless a magical dlc story pops up to change some lore like the hivebusters series to introduce new swarm characters due to them basically exterminating hives and I would love to see/discover new evolved forms of the other locusts like the boomers!(man i miss these big dumb things, where’s the boom when you need it?)

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I chalk up the absence of the DB as a Hero class as a serious misstep on TC’s part at best, laziness and/or greed at worst. We can always see the version added down the road for 500 iron.

Most of the skills the DB shep would need are already in-game. There are plenty of DB weapon cards, and seperate Embar and Overkill cards. I wouldn’t even care if they recycled an Ultimate, and lacked a fully fleshed voice set.

The character pool for Horde/Escape in particular remains limited to the point of insult and it seems like an easily fixed problem. On top of the DB, just tweak versions of Keegan, Mac and Lahni for Horde. Obviously they’d need to be play-tested but I wouldn’t be surprised if they already were, and were being held back for future Operations.

Edit: DB with overlapping cards benefiting various DB weapons would make them have unprecedented base damage and limited kick with Embar and Overkill in particular, but it would be cool as hell and fit thematically.

Hmmm could give DB a modified version of the Shock Enforcer from Gears 4 that shocks enemies and stuns them

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I was thinking the same thing. Skill card = active reloads with Enforcer do X% shock damage with X% chance to stun enemies.

As cool as the bleed damage type is, it’d be nice to see a wider variety of modifiers like shock damage. Incendiary skill card for burn DOT on hit, etc.

DeeBee could have easily been a COG Hero.

Lore: After recent reports of Flocks hacking the DeeBees and turning them against the COG, Baird created an experimental Shepherd that is built to resist being overtaken by the enemy with weak points in the system being covered.

Gameplay: This DeeBee is blue while the enemy DeeBees are clearly red (for some reason). The player controlled DeeBee animates differently and moves the way a player would. It can summon a Guardian or an experimental Bastion that shields all allies for long as the ultimate is active.

Side note: The DeeBees are referred to as humans by the Swarm team. Knew this was gonna happen when I found out they’ll be in the COG.


I was so excited when I saw the Shepard was a hero but then realized he isn’t a playable character in Horde. It was a let down. There really isn’t a reason why he can’t be a Horde hero. Del has trackers (which could confuse teamates, if thats an issue of identification) and all the Shepard’s are red so since the hero Shepard isn’t red and the DeeBees are considered “good” now, I don’t see why it’s not possible to give him skills. If their reasoning is that the Shepard is also an enemy so it would be confusing, then by that logic Del shouldn’t have trackers and Jack shouldn’t Hijack. I really hope they change that


I feel like DB should have been a hero. Otherwise, there’s no point in me playing them. I was told they had interesting lines.

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Shock damage could injure and slow enemies down too. It could work. A skill that would be nice is something like when nearby teamates, all DeeBee weapons Regen ammo 50% faster or when near fortifications, they are slowly repaired just by being in the Shepard’s presence. The Shep could be a support class possibly

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I think so too. So many missed opportunities when it comes to abilities and ult.


I do agree it’s a serious mis-step on the fact they didnt make the DeeBee hero playable in horde…
Funny how when people complain about the store prices it gets adjusted faster than the bugs in Gears 5, broken ranked(still broken), server issues and Jack glitching out are a few examples.
Another solid point is a few days ago the servers were all down worldwide BUT, the in-game store was working ABSOLUTELY FINE, clearly I see where most of their resources(efforts) are going to.