Dedicated servers in gow 5

Does anybody actually believe there will be dedicated servers for gow 5? I don’t online will probably still be the same crap show as gow 4. What do guys think?

There are very few games that still run P2P. All Microsoft games run off of Azure Servers

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Dedicated servers are confirmed for G5

Yeah sure if you say so ghostdelta. I don’t believe it.

I am not sure why you think I am lying, it has been confirmed this is the case, and improved dedicated servers are being used this time around (60 tick rate instead of 30).


Not calling you liar really. Gears has been the worst online game I’ve played. So yes I’m skeptical anything will change.

Maybe your internet sucks.


You seem to have made your mind up and you’re not that keen on the game?

You’re really misinformed if you think (even for a second) that Gears 4 has ever been P2P. It’s only P2P for Campaign.

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Worst? Than ubisoft or EA ? Hell noo

GOW4 ‘s always had dedicated servers.

The issues are caused by lag comp and other things having to do with the Netcode that’s unique to GOW4.

I believe GOW5 will be an improvement in terms of hit registration with the slower movement speed, higher server tick rate, and the revamped/improved gnasher.

We will just have to see how much.

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