Dedicated roll button

TC please make a control scheme with the role as it’s own button. Classic-Alt is awesome but I wish I could have my slide & run as one button (even if i have to map it) it feels hella fluent bouncing to strafing/ up A’s. the roll with the slide increases the chances of miss rolling. The shooter scheme has this but it’s click to run and it just doesn’t feel right. please add a control scheme with sliding/runnign as one button while rolling being it’s own :slight_smile:

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Youre askin for somethin thats in the game… Figure it out im not tellin you how either

Like is said theee Shooter Scheme has thisssssssssssss but the run button is click instead of hold. You just sound stupid bro like literally stupid lol

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Ok you got it just get good …

lmao bet I’ll just keep being my self then