Dedicated Page for Weapon Skin Acquisition

Every so often I see a topic about someone being unable to locate the requirements to get a certain weapon, or missed out because they didn’t find the relevant info in time.

So, why not have a page where it lists how to get each skin within a set (that isn’t completely craftable).

For example:
MS studios:
Lancer: watch E3 MS conference mixer stream (with date)

Snub: watch developer stream (with date)

Retro Lancer/ Dropshot/ Hammerburst/ Enforcer/ Embar/ Overkill: complete 200 wave horde challenge (with dates)

Markza/ Torque Bow/ Longshot/ Gnasher/ Boltok/ Boomshot: complete 20 ranked vs match challenge (with dates)

For a set like Midnight Omen, it could list the events in which each was available, but also have a subsection that says when it will return (with either specific info or TBD).

Others would be simple:
Only available in Scavanger gear pack

Even though the info regarding the various weapon sets can be located by searching for it, consolidating it would help to alleviate confusion and missed opportunities.


I think this is a great idea but I hope a layout can be found so that it’s easy to see what you want and what to do.

Maybe skins on the left and then description on the right and what dates they are available?

But if not, something is better than nothing!

Also will come handy for the new phantom skins announced that are coming.


Not a bad idea…What’s Up only explains the challenges and packs…I know some people post here about the Mixer events and online viewing events sometimes…Unless you have Twitter as well


If TC were do something like above, they would probably make it cleaner looking than what I wrote.

Yeah I agree ritually I just meant if they didn’t and someone like yourself decided to do it, I think from a visual point of view it would just need to be super clean and easy to understand :+1:

I also see people ask how to get a certain weapon they’ve seen, and others ask how many are left to get in a certain set (like midnight omen), because they lost track.

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Oh yeah don’t get me wrong, I’m also one of those because there are so many released now that can’t be earned in game now so it totally make sense.

The old forums had a thread about this …its read only now and can be transferred over ,you should try looking there

Someone ought to do this for Gears 5 too.
There’s many other Skins released in Gears 4 at the moment, that aren’t included.
But what could be learned is to start similar thread to this, when a game comes out.


Yeah, a tracker from Day Juan is much easier than trying to do it like almost 2 years later :joy:

Thanks for the info. I either missed it, or don’t remember having read it. I’ll see if I can find it.

I didnt see anything about the lancer and snub untill now, is it now impossible to get them skins now? Also where and when did they tell everyone about how to get them?

They didn’t tell anyone about the lancer from what I know…the snub, they announced it on Twitter how to get it…this Thursday though, they will have the lancer available while watching the Thursday night event on Mixer

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Thank you for that. The Snub was offered for a second time last week, that was the makeup for people who missed it the first time around I think.

Great idea! I am one of the people that always misses skins. I just asked in another thread how people know about these things. I hope it’s not twitter. I have absolutely no interest in signing up for that crap.

I didn’t even know there were thirsday night events

Yeah fight nights and the Devs play with gamers too

How do you even claim skins on mixer?

I have Twitter but only use it for redeeming stuff like this and MLB uses it too during the All-Star games when Gillette gives away free tickets.

I hear about the skins from here, then tune in and redeem with Twitter but I learned you don’t even NEED a Twitter account to do it, you just have to click the retweet button and it qualifies, you don’t need an account.

Edit: To redeem they want you to be watching it Live, then retweet or answer a useless poll and physically click a button to claim the skin while you’re signed in on your Gamertag and the skin will be on your account. Sometimes you don’t have to do anything, you just have to sign in and the skin is gifted to you.

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i like that