Decoy Health or Decoy Discount?

If you had to pick one, which would it be?


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Decoy discount because its only going to get destroyed by bosses anyway.

Discount of course. Buy several and place them on choke points and there will be no need for sentries, assuming your team can get the kills that is.

Playing Horde 2.0 a lot at the moment, 3.0 missed yet another trick from Gears 3 when it didn’t bring over the Onyx guard decoy. He actually is pretty useful.


Decoy hp, decoy discount, fortification hp, overclock, carry speed.

That’s THE engineer build.


Beat me to it. :+1:X1000

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Too bad I never get those kind of Engineers :smiley:

You don’t use repair proficiency? (That should be part of the class IMO) or 12% reduced cost across the board?


I only repair lockers and only when really necessary.

Saves a LOTTA cash.

Try it!

That can’t be possible in Gears 4 since there isnt any new COG soldiers. Though they could have used COG Deebees.

With carry speed and discount cost, Engi is pretty much making decoys constantly. Between rounds if team is not busy they would help place decoys in groups where engi setup. No turret fences or sentry to repair so no need for that repair card.

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Decoy discount. For every 1 that gets destroyed I have 2 to take its place. It is rare a I get to play engineer but that is always what I go for.