Decontamination Wait Times (Updated)

Goooooooooood morning fellow gears!

Are you tired of the new wait times in escape? Are you twidling your thumbs in the waiting room? Do you feel like you have been in the decontamination room for hours? Don’t you just want to chainsaw your way through the door to knock a few seconds off you escape time? Well so do I! Don’t worry cause I got you covered with my list, fresh out of the venom hehe, of how long it takes each room to open up.

Seriously though I did notice some differences in maps and rooms long before the TC update made it longer. So in my infinite boredom I started to take note of how long I am actually waiting in the room because I have that kind of time on my hands. These are all based off the most common time.

The timer started the second the shower room door opened after being sprayed down which takes about 10 seconds. This is in the span of a month and a half of game time and rooms are subject to change by 2 to 3 seconds. lol. Enjoy! … Jesus tap dancing christ I need to get out more.


Time: 1.09

Ice Queen

Time: 1.12

Last stand

Time: 0. 39 room on right

Time: 0. 42 room on left

Lethal Engagements

Time: 1.10

Melee Brawl

Time: 1.10

The Ambush

Time: 1.00

The Barracks

Time: 1.40

The Blight

Time: No room

The Choke

Time: 1.25

The Clock:

Time: 1.00

The Corruption

Time: 1.20

The Decent

Time: 1.03 1st room

Time: 0.51 2nd room

The Detour

Time: 0.56 1st room

Time: 1.07 2nd room

Time: 1.22 3rd room

The End

Time: No room

The Gatekeepers

Time: 0.49

The Gauntlet

Time: No room

The Hive

Time: 1.22

The Hive – Past Hive

Time: 1.32

The Hunters

Time: 1.24

The Labyrinth

Time: 1.31

The Line

Time: No room

The Link

Time: 1.22

The Malfunction

Time: 1.03

The Mines

Time: 1.12 Left room

Time: 1.23 Right room

The Mist

Time: 1.07

The Onslaught

Time: 1.11

The Split

Time: 1.16

The surge

Time: 0. 56

The Trap

Time: 1.35

The Wanderer

Time: 1.30

The Warren

Time: 1.18

Venom Run

Time: No room.


Maybe they’re trying to promote the Rock, Paper, Scissor-emote?

But for real, Dana didn’t even knew about this when someone metioned this in the latest Dev-stream.

And I know, I know. Contact support blabla. Last time I’ve checked it took 3months upwards for most ppl to even get a reply. That’s unacceptable for a bug that should have never been released.


Most overrated emote. It never works as no one ever does it back. I always get left hanging. :weary:

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I’m still just pissed that Del doesn’t throw paper every time. I passed on buying it for that reason alone.


I honestly thought the wait times were 30 seconds for evey room but this is bit all over the place lol. There is almost no point in putting in a support ticket from hearing from people who got a response and no fix and people who actually never heard from TC.

Edit: I dont really bother with emotes unless they are in the tour of duty so I wont waste my free credits on this one lol


easily the most productive/useful post of the month, you are an angel and I thank you :+1:


We all know they increased the wait times until the new Xbox comes out. That way they can go on about how load times are so much faster on the new consoles.


If that ends up true then why the hell did they do the same for PC

You either get a response within the day or months after the fact. I got a response 5 months after I initially raised a ticket about the Heavy Preparations bug for Sarah, when it was already fixed. Cool.

I also got a response 2 months after I raised an issue on the Gears 5 medals section on the ToD (on the website specifically). The medal tracks the total amount of times you have mastered a Op4 hive. So I have 14/6 on “Escape Master 4”, I would be intrigued to see other people’s figures on this. Yes TC, that bug is still there, it’s not disappeared.

I know it’s minor in the grand scheme of things but its approaching 3 months on the ticket being raised on this bug (which has probably been there since Op4 began). I probably could have created a forum thread and brought more attention to it than raising a ticket.

It just shows how this game should have been delayed by many months, the fact that it takes months for them to look at tickets prove that.

I’ll be very annoyed if it isnt fixed for Op5. Not because of the severity of the bug, but because of the principle.

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why do you believe that should be on their priority list? Like everybody always mentions “principle” but in principle they need to be fixing more serious and disruptive bugs.

Also, they aren’t required to respond to you, they get flooded with tons of different tickets all the time, no way can they respond to all of them.

I’ve only submitted one ticket for Gears 5 and it was to report someone I suspected of cheating, got a response a few days later IIRC. Their job is to fix bugs not make us feel better by responding to every single thing we complain or report about.

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Even more reason - look how it compares to mighty PC’s…

I play on PC too btw. So furstrating.

Wow, The Barracks. This is killing Escape, I don’t play it anymore.

Then what even is the point of support if they can’t even send a generic “yeah we looked at your ticket and passed it on, there’s more important stuff to us atm dude”?

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I’ve noticed that to and mentioned it to a few buddies my theory was that the wait time was in correlation to how long it took the venom to catch up to the decontamination room as if you watch the window in the room it doesn’t seem to count down till it’s mostly if not fully filled. After reading your post I’m no longer sure but I’ve certainly noticed it and made note of it.

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I’m 100% sure that is not the case as on some hives with slow venom or even just any hive we can be well ahead of the venom with it still taking minutes to reach the saferoom, but when the next act starts it’s right there again.

Watch the venom window in the safe room once filled it seems like it releases the lock anyways it’s just a theory and you kinda go towards proving my point in terms of saying the venom is right there when exiting the safe room.

In general the venom catching up again no matter how far you were from it when entering the saferoom is pure gameplay mechanic. Waiting in the saferoom is only supposed to be waiting for the previous section to deload and next one to load in.

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I’ve played games where we’ve had fast venom and where it’s been right on our tail, but the load times are as long. I was helping a friend master Ice Queen yesterday where the venom is faster and had to wait a fair amount of time. I haven’t been able to test this though as I didn’t count the seconds/minutes, and we didn’t need that many attempts so hard to judge (we only went through the saferoom on two occasions and mastered it on the 2nd) but the load times felt as long as other Hives I’ve played recently.

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This whole situation reminds me of that infamous challenge in CoD WW2.

“Kill 100enemies blinded by with a signal flare”

Do I know what it requires of me? Yes. Does fixing this help improve the game? No. Is it on top of the priority list? Absolutely not. And I wouldn’t expect it to be.

But it strikes of incompetence. This was never fixed BTW. Just a microcosm of how bad the game was.

Its incorrect stat tracking, which has caught me out twice before I noticed what was going on. It’s also caught one of my friends out actually.

If they are struggling with the tickets backlog, why not employ someone to help with that? TC are backed by one of the biggest companies in the world, so why does it feel like they are scrambling for every dollar? Why does support feel like an afterthought?

I feel sorry for the people dealing with that support system. They are clearly overworked, and dont get paid well enough for some of the rubbish they probably get.

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I didn’t take the venom in the window into account to be honest as I thought no matter what it fills up and still I have to wait for the voice over the intercom to give me the count down. I will look into it further to see if it nets any results but after playing The Barracks I still had to wait 30 - 40 seconds after the window filled up.

My theory is the times spent in the room are based off what is spawning ahead of you or whats being loaded in is what is taking up all the time. Now its hard for me to prove because I have no way of knowing if the next stage is the cause or is already ready to go before players enter or exit the room. The Decent lead me to this theory as the further you go the better the rewards but I think there are more enemies behind the last 2 doors which equals more time spent waiting. Also the big factor is whatever TC put in the last update to cause the increased time in waiting rooms.

@Thee_Bluejay lol Thanks very much. Just a little side project I thought id share with the community.

@Hooded_Claw_006 I know. I was watching the timer and all I could say was come on it has to open now. Its amazing how such a small amount of time can seem like forever. Even now that I know the times in each room I am still sitting there going come on open the freaking door its been ages lol.