Decent skins for the girls

Can we get some decent skins for the girls especially lizzie instead of new characters like Prescott and skins for the drones that we never really use, unless u play pvp which a lot of us don’t


Lizzie finally got her CS skin. and Anya got some skins last Op. she will get her hivebuster skin very soon here as well.

Anya’s getting a Hivebuster skin? YES!


yeah it looks pretty sweet.

Dizzy has one too, it was shown in the Nexus Siege event.

Oh yes this makes me happy lol. Personally speaking I think TC really nailed the Hivebuster skins and I welcome as many as they will make lol.


its a nice look for characters, Doms is a homage to his commando days and Clayton has the best in the game.


I think most players on the forums play pve, I’m only a pvp players. get bored of horde easily.

Maybe a preggo Anya?

would be funny lol. but Tomorrow Anya and E-Day Anya still arent in the game yet :frowning:

Id welcome a cadet Anya too :slight_smile:

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Oh hands down lol. From his helmet to his COG tags on his wrist TC did an excellent job on that one.

and the writing on his armor is cool too, “destroy from within” “plant” and “run” instead of “destroy” and “locust”

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you might be on to something there

I want a wedding dress Anya and a Tux Marcus

It would be cool because she would most likely resemble Helena if she were to wear that type of armor.

I wonder what logo shes gonna have on her chest, since Dizzy is gonna have his signature skull.

and her hands dont like HUMONGOUS either.

That must be why it’s delayed. TC can’t decide.

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WOW! Just wow. That is freaking awesome. TC please don’t keep me waiting months for this.

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cant decide between an OG cog logo with wings or just writing “control” on her chest lol

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Yeah, the Phoenix COG emblem, the OG COG emblem, or maybe the “JDF” logo from Gears 4, JD’s scratched in initials from the trailer.

Depends on if they want to emphasize her service, her time as First Minister, or her family ties.

Yeah my queen needs more skins!

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Me, still waiting for Gears 3 Commando dom

either one is solid because she has strong ties in all three.