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Hi everyone,

I got a really frustrating bug (another one…) with the deathmatch mode (I think this is deathmatch cause I am playing in french and it’s “foire d’empoigne”, the one where you need to shoot 30 guys to win. Cause by playing this mode, my statistics remains at 0 for every stats of this mode (no problem with tdm, koth or 2v2). This is also frustrating cause it locks the achievment to kill one player with each weapon or finish first (I have done both in one game but nothing happened). Do you have any idea to fix this bug ?

Thanks, have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hi, the mode that you are talking about is Free For All (FFA).

Do you have this problem playing quickplay? Ranked?

But if you are interested only in the achievements, you can unlock them on a private match

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Hi, hum it was in ranked, I will try with the private match thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT : hum I tried also in public match hosted by me and no achievment :confused:

But the gridiron achievment to kill someone with a planted grenade worked that way…

EDIT 2 : even in private lobby the classical stats have not changed

Edit: Some players report that the achievements only unlock if you are playing 14 player FFA, not 8 FFA

That guide shows how to unlock the 3 achievements related to FFA.

Now if you try this and still have problems, I don’t have any more ideas to help you.


Ohhhh many thanks it worked !!!

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Nice :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t2:

Happy to help

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