Dear The Coalition Studio, Ranks are currently broken and this video shows why,

I never said “My aim assist is broken”. I literally included a video clip from me IN THE SAME GAME, producing aim assist, I was stating the game doesn’t function well on 30 ping vs 120+.

If you can’t see that, then gl, keep defending a broken game. I never said "I’m better then everyone, just that im “not ■■■■” like this thread seems to think, like Im actually a bronze player lol

You have the unbridled charisma of a chipotle enema.

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Personal attacks are not permitted on this forum. Please reread the forum rules before posting again. Thank you.

Can everyone in this thread please calm down.

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Can we make impersonal, passive aggressive attacks?



@Z_i_i Thank you for being the most entertaining forum member.

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You misunderstood. It’s nobody has “heared” of you.

You seem to jump all over the place.I never said anything about “My aim assist is broken”. You go around here acting like you’re better then everyone.

Also whats your excuse for the fact that you only had 3 more eliminations then the person with a 230 ping?


11,076 to 5,489…ouch @Z_i_i. Ouch



Closing thread as it has gone way off track. TC is aware of the ping and ranking system issues.