Dear The Coalition Studio, Ranks are currently broken and this video shows why,

Tweet this video, like it, share it. It’s broken. I just won another game and am now BRONZE 2.

Link for the tweet -
"Would like if you check this out and RT it to @CoalitionGears + @OctusTC Gears 5 is currently broken for ingame ranks. I have gone from Diamond to Bronze, this video explains what’s happening. I would really like an answer on this one. Thanks. "


git gud

gg no re
-2018 gears vet


“2018 gears vet” haha not even 2006. Also, Notice how I have 100 ping and most of your kills were aim assist. Weird fellow you are. I have the game record and 3 times you headshot me around a wall but I cant be bothered to upload it to “prove” myself online, but I’m not going to blame you, that’s the the poor game we are playing.

What a very strange man you are.

How does I turned off the aim assist with mouse and keyboard?

I doesn’t want the aim assist to assist me.

Help me play better by rules of 06 vets.


The game just has it built in unless you play escalation, I’ll show you a clip from the game I played vs You. Basically if it’s near them, the bullet hits. The games awful, factor that in with 100 ping, you cant do much. Almost every kill you got on me, I was around the wall or already ducked. Normally you can get away with it on 20 ping, but when you play on 100+ you just die.

I uninstalled anyway, this game is awful and broken.


I’m doesn’t men to ruin the game experience for you. Im a new player to the series of Coalition gears franchise in 2018. It seem unfair assisting my aim did such damage without my permission.


ps, fortnite is a good alternative.


What’s going on here? Is this about this link once again???

No idea… just me trollin like a troll.


Please keep the thread on track. Thank you.


You say '06 gears vet like that’s something special. You’re not special man, a lot of people on the forums have been playing since '06.

'06 Gears vet! We got an '06 Gears vet here!

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Yes but it’s not working as intended, clearly.

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Don’t know why you kept trying the game. The game is broken and they simply don’t care about the issues versus has. Glad you uninstalled. In ain’t worth the stress

Well, this is common. A lot of terrible Gears players get lucky with the assist stuff. Kill you behind cover. Kill you with a solid miss while eating your shots. I had great ping ever time I played. And in some matches would just get destroyed by people shooting around corners and missing me. Just the state of this game. I was hoping they would maybe fix because I had some great matches but am sure I was on the lucky side those games. Cannot prove I was not. And winning does not feel like winning when you are being assisted and did not do it yourself. Gears is just so unbalanced and awful like that. I see a scoreboard with one team with solid pings and the other team with worse pings. And also realize that those pings probably went up into the hundreds or higher for those player. If I was on the winning team I would just assume it was typical Gears and I was given the advantage. HUGE reason I am totally done with Gears 5 mp.

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TC: “nothing to see here, system is working as intended. Clearly you are a bronze player and the system has adjusted your rank accordingly”


It’s ludicrous that this rAnKiNg REaLigNmEnT can put someone who was diamond into bronze.

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I love how at around 2 mins you say you win the match 2-0 then go on to say the enemy team was favored to win yet it says the COG were favored 88,094 to 86,2(something something)

I agree with the discussion on ranked being broken, but the segment at the end of the video lost me. The accuracy of kill cams has been debunked, and so you don’t really have any way of knowing what your opponent’s aim looked like when he fired. This was a scenario where split seconds were the difference between a hit and a miss, so latency between opponent, server, and you could have accounted for why you were downed when it looked like you shouldn’t have been. It’s definitely a problem that there can be such a big difference between the two players’ perspectives, but there’s no indication that this was due to “aim assist.”



There’s not even aim assist available on mouse and keyboard. (which is what I use)

No idea what he’s rambling about.

Edit: and yeah, ranked has some big issues. Hopefully the reset included some fixes.

I watched the part twice. The guy who downed him, his reticle wasn’t even on him. On top of that, look at the blood spray. It was behind him. Then on the kill cam the bullet spray was off to the left of his reticle. He should not have been downed there.

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