Dear The Coalition, please sort out the Custom Games on Horde

I am sick and tired of trying to find a game on Custom, the game does not exist or it is full, even though the game says 3/5 or it is in the Lobby.
Sort this out please, because Custom is supposed to be a better option than normal mode, i am finding it quicker to sit there in normal finding a game i want, a game with no Engineers, and preferably no Jack.
Oh, yeah, also, put down what characters are already in the game when i click on it, thank you.

So, to recap, real time on Custom Games, and who and what is playing when i click on the game, so i can decide if it is worth entering or not.

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This a hundred times. There has to be a lobby preview so you don’t waste time going into a lobby with characters you don’t want or yours already taken, and having to go through the sub menus again because you’re straight back to the main menu after leaving a lobby instead of back in the browser menus.

Of course, they should fix the issues with the “ghost lobbies” that no longer exist or are already full but still showing. I’ve seen lobbies be around in the selection for an entire day despite it not existing.

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I don’t play much Horde, but I have this exact issue with the custom games for Escape. It’s been broken since launch…

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Host your own Horde game! I did it today first time in my life! :snowman_with_snow:

I have hosted my own Custom games, i play alone with the A.I.
When i want to play Horde, i want to play Horde, i do not want to wait for others to join the game, i do not want to join other peoples games and find they are full, finished or simply do not exist. It is wasting time.
People are stupid, you create a game stating “No Engineers” and guess who turns up. No Jack means just that too.
Basing the whole Horde around Jack and the Forge is bloody stupid, every game i have been in, Jack has left not long after i have made the Forge, and upgraded it. Jack is a pain in the â– â– â– â– , waste of Energy.

I would like this to happen but I won’t count on it. They would have to refresh the servers constantly to do this. There’s also the people who join a lobby as a certain class and then change. Unless the game were to show this ever second or 2 it couldnt keep up.

Every second is a bit unrealistic. Five minutes is more like it, even 10 minutes is better than nothing.
It is weighing up fact with fiction. At the moment, it is almost like The Coalition do not even care anymore. Tell you the truth, if i had made this game, i would not care about it either, the state of it is not good at all, and we expected so much better.
A little at a time would be nice, fix the game and make people happier, i say the next thing The Coalition should do is sort out this problem.
And, if they do, bonus, if not, no one actually expected them to have done so in the first place, as i said above, it seems as though The Coalition do not care anymore.

I believe whatever the reason, the game was pushed out early. That caused so much damage TC feels the game can’t bounce back from that. At least not without substantial work and money spent. So they are doing mediocre updates/patches to milk the few players remaining. Literally every time they add a new class their skills don’t work as described or have some unintended side effect(Baird’s bleeding fences) New maps have bugs. Even reworked maps from previous gears have issues. Porting existing characters to other game modes doesn’t seem to work perfectly(Lahni’s Shock Blade not chaining). It feels like they don’t have the good programmers working on this game, if they had any to begin with.

I had heard Microsoft pushed the game out for early release, even though they knew it was not ready. However, the game can be fix, rewritten or something in between. Look at Destiny, the second year was basically a rewrite, it was almost a new game. So it can be done. Question is, can or will The Coalition do this. Do they actually want to, or is it quicker and easier to throw out Gears 6 and correct the mistakes made.
I personally would prefer they chucked out a properly made Gears 6, everything fixed from Gears 5 and the Class system working properly, Engineers build and repair, Engineers only building and repairing. Scout goes back to collecting (and only the Scout with Energy that shows up on the Tac) Energy or being a Tank (one or the other), DPS dps’ing and no Jack or Forge, or just get rid of the Forge altogether and keep Jack as a full on support character that revives downed players and also collects Energy (so in essence, you can have two characters collecting Energy)
The Hero system goes bye bye, or if they decide to keep it, you can use different skins. And the list goes on…

There have been games that were ■■■■ at launch and managed to recover. I hated destiny when it came out but started to love it when Taken King was released. Just because they can fix it doesn’t mean they should release it broken. Taking people’s money and a “promise” they will deliver what was advertised. I hate that this practice is becoming a trend. I like how AngryJoe phrased it “I don’t like this It’ll get better attitude developers are adopting”

Same with Micro transactions to be honest, it is used as a substitute to make more and more money.
But, yeah, i do agree with you almost 100%. I actually like Destiny when it came out, and i think The Taken King ruined Destiny, but that is my personal opinion. Those big ugly Taken things remind me of Knights from Halo, and i hate them both with such a passion there should be a law against it.