DEAR TC winning and loosing percentage?

How is it possible to loose percentage wühle winning???and how is it possible to get nothing for 2-3 wins in a row as mvp with solid and smooth Operator ribbons??? and how is it possible to loose percentage in a 4v5 with a Diamond Player in the other Team while Performing well(solid ribbon) instead of Making my way to onyx 2 i found myself in gold3!!! Won 2 Matches by the way when i started again on gold(very well performed mvp solid smooth operator) and guess what, got nothing!!! Is there a explanation out there??? I dont get it!!! So where is the Sense of playing ranked matches. All this happend in King of the Hill. If this continues i will reach easily silver1 in a few days. Sad,dissapoiting,annoying.


People have been asking this for a long while and there’s a huge thread devoted to it. We simply get told that there’s stuff going on behind the curtain that we’re not privy to.

I only watch it because it’s so unpredictably bizarre. I had an amazing MVP the other night that did not move me up at all. Next day I lose 2 matches, won another but didn’t do well, and it promoted me. I definitely didn’t deserve it that night so I don’t know why it decided to promote me then.

not as annoying as koth,daftest game mode ever,how the software keeps track of the stats.amidst all that chaos is beyond me…

What does “daftest” mean?

It’s bs, I win say, 75% of my koth matches (I always solo queue and am at onyx 3) the only time I lose is in unbalanced games where no way should I be expected to win e.g all enemy team is diamond and stacked, yet nearly every game including the ones in lose I’m the top slayer, MVP of the team/game and my % never moves from the 80% range, I can come across diamonds solo queuing and have them on swords or be completely out slaying them for the victory and it won’t count for anything

To keep you playing this game thats, carrot dangler

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